9 Benefits Of Not Drinking Alcohol

So I just completed my first 90 days of being completely alcohol
free, and so much has changed which I never thought was possible!

Now, I never actually planned on going alcohol free for a specific period of time.

It just kind of came to me naturally. I started a new chapter of my
life exactly three months ago, and I have many goals (fitness and
personal) which I am trying to achieve, so in the wake of all of that I
decided to just quit drinking and see what happens!


I also know I couldn’t afford to drink again.

And I’m not talking about the price of alcohol. Although quitting alcohol REALLY does save you a TON of cash!

I mean I just couldn’t afford another hangover. Another day or two wasted. Those really eat into your productivity.

I need to be productive. Be it working on my laptop, or getting fit.

So that’s how I got into going completely alcohol free, and so far it’s been 90 days and I am loving it.

I don’t even think about drinking at all anymore. And I plan on going another 90 days.

Quitting Alcohol: What’s Happened After Going Alcohol-Free?

So this post is about the changes you might find happen to you when you go 100% alcohol-free.

All of these changes are positive, and I am sure that they are common amongst most people who are on the same sober journey.

So here are 9 things that have changed since quitting alcohol!

Change #1: Improved Decision Making

Whenever you are consuming alcohol on a regular basis, you just can’t always seem to make clear and direct decisions.

And this gets even worse when you are hungover as hell!

Having no alcohol in your body seems to improve your clear decision making by miles.

Change #2: Improved Moods & Mental State

This one goes hand in hand with the first change mentioned above, and is probably the biggest change I have noticed.

Alcohol really can cause you to feel extremely anxious and depressed. We all know that.

When you go alcohol-free for a long period of time you slowly start
to realise how your state of mind is starting to change in a more
positive way.

You feel more happy and content, and your mood remains way more constant!

Change #3: I Feel Extremely Fit

As mentioned in this article, one of the best ways tips to quitting alcohol is to double down and get as fit as possible.

As I never have any hangovers or reasons to feel physically off, I have been training almost everyday.

And I feel really fit!

The beauty of not drinking is that no matter what day of the week it
is, you know you can schedule a workout session. No hangovers will get
in the way!

Change #4: I Save A Lot Of Money

Have you ever thought about just how much money you spend on a monthly basis on alcohol alone?

It does add up, and you will be surprised at just how much money you save when you quit drinking.

Change #5: I Have More Energy & Am More Productive

My enegry levels really are through the roof.

No more waiting for the day to go by so that I can jump in bed. I
literally keep going from sunrise until 10pm, and it’s awesome.

And with that, I am extremely productive. I plan out my days, and I lmost always tick off every on my list.

Change #6: I Lost Weight

Just from not consuming alcohol anymore, I dropped between 3-4 kilograms (6-9 lbs). That’s just from cutting out alcohol.

My go to drink was always beer, and that contains a lot of calories.

So if you plan on quitting alcohol, know that you will drop a bit of weight!

Change #7: I Sleep Less

I began to wake up a lot earlier, and in a more fresh state!

Even though people think that getting blackout drunk helps you sleep,
the quality of your sleep when you are drunk is actually really bad.

Even though I sleep less, I have more energy than ever.

Change #8: I’ve Had Zero Lazy Days

I don’t sleep in anymore.

And I don’t spend the whole day never getting dressed or never leaving my bed.

I just don’t feel like being lazy. It’s a strange thing, really. I am constantly moving around!

Change #9: More Motivation

I feel more motivated than ever to do more and more!

I want to wake up earlier, work harder and train more often.

It’s a great feeling!

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