8 Signs of Poor Digestion

We’ve all had times where we’ve eaten something and then, maybe an hour or so later, our stomachs start to hurt.

could be because you have poor digestion. Your body isn’t going to
always have the same digestion, especially when it’s a bit weak.

hard for your body to maintain the same level of health at all times.
This could be the cause of poor digestion. However, just because you get
a small stomach ache doesn’t mean your digestion is entirely poor.
Digestion problems happen to everyone at some point in their lives.

If somebody says they’ve never had a digestion problem before then they’re lying.

it possible to identify if you have poor digestion before you have to
suffer through the pain of a stomach ache not long after a meal?

Signs of Poor Digestion
very possible to tell if you have poor digestion. Your body is going to
give you telling signs that you have poor digestion.

You don’t want to go through life having poor digestion, especially when your body is trying to tell you how bad it is.

what are the signs of poor digestion? Are they obvious? Is your body
really that good at telling you when something is wrong?

you’ll be able to get the answers to these questions. You’ll understand
the signs of poor digestion and understand whether or not you have poor

Stomach Aches
has already been mentioned, but a stomach ache is a sign that you have
poor digestion. You really shouldn’t be having any pains from the food
you eat.

If you’re having pains, there is something going on within your stomach that’s not supposed to be happening.

likes to have any sort of discomfort after eating. Having experiences
like that will make it so you don’t ever want to eat some foods.

stomach pains may not even be caused by the food you’re eating, there
is some sort of imbalance happening in your stomach and gut that’s
causing the issues.

Bad Breath
up with morning breath is no surprise to anybody. That’s just something
that happens because of what your body goes through when you sleep.

if you’re constantly having bad breath throughout the day, this could
be a sign of poor digestion. Having bad breath isn’t something that
should happen all day. If you have somewhat decent oral hygiene, your
breath may not always smell fresh, but it shouldn’t be bad.

breath usually happens because your stomach isn’t digesting your food
properly. Your body is creating more gas. When you have a lot of gas,
there are only two options for where that gas can exit your body.

when gas exits your body from your rear end, it smells. The same is
true when the gas wants to exit through your mouth. This is going to
contribute to a lot of the bad breath you might be experiencing.

Food Intolerance
I say food intolerance, I’m talking about your body starting to develop
food problems that weren’t there before. For example, your body starts
to react differently to foods that you typically never had a problem
with before.

When you have poor digestion, the bacteria in your
stomach are acting up. The bad bacteria are starting to thrive more than
they should.

Food intolerances happen when your body isn’t
producing the enzymes it needs to fully digest certain foods. Not all
foods use the same enzymes to get digested.

The chemistry of our
stomachs is always changing so, therefore, different enzymes are being
produced and at different quantities as well. So, because of this, it’s
very possible to develop a food intolerance if you have poor digestion.

you’re constipated it can be a struggle going to the bathroom. This is
typical because of poor digestion. Going to the bathroom should be a
very smooth process and should happen every single day.

If you’re struggling in the bathroom or not going every single day, then you can assume that you’re constipated.

get constipated because the food you’re eating isn’t being digested and
processed the way that it should. It’s not fully being digested. You
aren’t getting all the nutrients that you could be getting from the food
you’re eating when you get constipated.

In turn, this makes it
harder for your body to break down the food completely, thus making it
harder for it to pass completely through your body. When your food can’t
pass through your body, constipation is bound to happen.

Weight Fluctuations
fluctuations happen to everyone naturally. However, when you have
noticeable weight fluctuations without trying to make a change to your
weight, this could be a sign that you have poor digestion.

food isn’t passing through your digestive system the way it should, you
are more than likely going to gain a little bit of weight.

your body isn’t able to get the nutrients that it needs from the foods
that you’re eating, you’re more than likely going to lose some weight.

digestion is going to allow your body to stay around the same weight
that it’s currently at. There are going to be factors that change your
weight naturally, like aging or even growing up.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
bowel syndrome or IBS is something that can be extremely uncomfortable
and embarassing. The cause of this can be a number of things including
certain foods that go back to your body not being able to digest them

Your body reacts to certain foods that cause your
bowels to go a bit haywire. This is something that nobody ever wants to
deal with.

If you have foods that you know will trigger your
IBS, you need to try to avoid them at all costs. Something is wrong with
your digestion.

Taking some probiotics could help you get through your issues with IBS and possibly eliminate the problem for you altogether.

Skin Conditions
poor digestion can go beyond having problems with some foods or your
bowels. It can be noticed when you have problems with your skin.

Skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne can all be traced back to having digestive issues.

reasons these skin conditions happen is because your body isn’t
absorbing certain vitamins that you’ll typically get through your food.
When there are digestive issues, your body won’t be able to get all the
nutrients it needs from the food you eat.

When you’re lacking
certain nutrients, your skin is going to have a reaction because it
thrives off some vitamins that you get through your daily diet.

Reflux is essentially the burning feeling you get after eating a meal.

This is one of the most common signs of digestive issues. Most people have experienced this.

is something that can lead to something like heartburn. If you’ve ever
had heartburn, then you know exactly the pain that it can cause.

hard to get rid of once it starts too. This is because of poor
digestion. The acids in your stomach are acting crazy and going to
continue to cause you problems as long as your digestion is poor.

Poor Digestion Can Be a Struggle
poor digestion is going to cause you a lot of issues. A lot of these
issues are going to be a pain to deal with all the time and can have a
significant impact on your health.

Pay attention to the signs
above so that you know when you need to make a change. Don’t ignore the
signs as well because they could lead to issues that may not be able to
be changed with a simple change in your diet.

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