8 Shocking Reasons Why Men Lose Interest In Women

then he stops calling as often and seems to lose interest. You’re
baffled. It was going so well, and he didn’t say anything was wrong.



talking to many men about it, I found some shocking reasons why men
lose interest in women. Let’s take a closer look at 8 little mistakes
that women do that make men lose interest in them. Some of these might
not seem “little” but women sometimes do them very easily, even though
they seem like a big deal.



woman reading this might not have any idea what it means. A man will
know instantly: they like chasing a woman, and when she starts talking
about being exclusive, the chase is over. It’s like waiting for
Christmas morning, and then you open your presents, the anticipation and
excitement is gone.

You see this same effect with free
merchandise. If something is free, we often assume it’s not that
valuable. “You get what you pay for.” A surprising truth is that
customers who overpay are often happier. That seems backwards, doesn’t
it? But they feel like they’re getting a really good product.

who buys a BMW, Porsche, or Bentley won’t go around complaining that
they spent too much. Just the opposite! They might brag about how much
they spent. In dating, men like to feel like they earned a prize through
their own merit.

So, let a man chase you; the fun of dating is in
the chase. If things go great from the first date, that doesn’t mean
that you should drop all other men you’re dating. Keep seeing other men
until one shows some commitment in starting a serious relationship with
you. Don’t let any man think that he is the only man chasing you,
because then it will be a boring thing for him.



that “Mimi” met a man, it went great, and after a few dates, she
assumed they’d start seeing each other more and more. She is already
making mistake #1 if she goes into committed, comfortable relationship
mode too early. That will definitely end any flirting, teasing, and
playfulness that men crave.

Even if you’re seeing each other, you
can make a man really fall hard if you continue to let him chase you. If
you start demanding certain things from a man you just started dating,
you’ll be making a grave mistake. It might not happen that soon, but
when a woman starts putting pressure on a man, he can lose interest.

sounds a little absurd, but we’ve probably all been there. We want a
man to fall for us, and then we think that he’ll show his love by doing
the things we want. It can turn into ordering him around, or telling him
that he can’t do certain things.

The mistake might also be asking
too much, too soon, before he is ready to commit on the same level.
This is the reason why men pull away.



a new relationship, exes will come up. There’s a point where you
probably need to talk about them, especially if they’re in your life in
some form, such as a parenting agreement. But talking about an ex early
on is a big no-no, and will make a man lose interest in you. It doesn’t
matter how you’re talking about the ex.

If you’re complaining,
that means you’re still hurt and angry, and the ex is still on your
mind. If you’re talking about what good friends you are with your ex,
that might indicate future competition and resentment for the new man.

your new man asks about your ex, keep your answers short and
straightforward. He probably wants to know how things stand, so give him
an honest answer and move on. Dwelling on your ex in any fashion can
cause your new date to lose interest in you!



so exciting to fall in love that it’s easy to focus on your new man.
But if you give up your life so you’re always free, he’ll lose interest.
Don’t empty your calendar so you can give all of your time to your new
man. Your lives are bound to mix, but it causes problems if you dump
your life and try to integrate into his life.

He fell for you the
way you were, with your own life and interests, and things to talk
about. So if you become someone waiting around to see him, he’ll lose
interest. Keeping your own activities and being unavailable at times
makes you more of a catch.

When he gets to see you, it’ll be more
special. And you’ll be happier if you keep your life, friends, and
activities, and then you won’t feel like you’re waiting for him to give
you some time.



with your girlfriends can be fun, but it can annoy a man. He probably
doesn’t know who you’re talking about, and he’ll see you more
negatively, not them. Studies have shown that when we hear people
gossip, the negative feeling we get is attached to the gossiper.

also using time that you could use to talk about your life, goals,
dreams, new things you’re learning, or about new things going on in
town. Discussing something you’re going through is different. You can
share about your life, but don’t dump on your man gossip about people
you find irritating — you’ll lose his interest. If you find his interest
is flagging, discover how to Respark The Romance easily.



mixed signals is another reason why men lose interest in women. You
might tell him you don’t mind if he goes out with friends…but then
you’re hurt when he does and get angry with him.

Men can’t read
minds. We want them to know what we really want, but you can’t test a
man this way. It’s not his fault if he goes by what you say. If you’re
hurting and say you’re fine, he might not be able to read the subtle
body signals, or be able to connect something that happened last week.

example is asking him, “Do you think that woman is pretty?” By asking,
you’re indicating that it’s okay for him to answer honestly, but he
might not realize you’re testing him.

If you say one thing but act
another way, he’ll also be confused, and then not know what to do or
how to act around you. And he’ll lose interest.



show care by doing little things, but men can get annoyed if their
woman is trying to do everything for them. If he’s losing interest, and
you don’t know why, consider how many things you try to do for him.

just trying to take care of him, but he might feel like you’re
controlling him. Doing too much, too early, can make him lose interest.
Let him do some things by himself. You can cook for him but let him wash
and iron his own clothes. Being a man’s nanny is another reason why men
pull away.



probably have friends who are always late to everything. It seems that
they can never plan enough time to do their makeup. Men get annoyed by
that too and lose interest, even though some women see it as a power



  • Fishing for compliments
  • Critiquing other women around you
  • Texting other people all the time
  • Being more engaged with your phone than him (looking at news, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever)
  • Complaining too often
  • Being too picky
  • Having a negative outlook
  • Always changing plans—saying you’d rather go somewhere else or do something else whenever he suggests something
  • Being dishonest and deceitful
  • Agreeing to everything he says and not having your own opinion

you spotted something you’ve done on that list—I think we’ve all done a
few of them at different times. So, now you know 8 shocking reasons why
men lose interest in women. You probably want to know how to keep a man

It’s a huge turn on to men if you know your worth. He
met this amazing woman and wants to date her…so don’t doubt yourself!
You have interesting ideas, cool activities, and plans. Men love to talk
up their girlfriends and tell others about how smart, cool, fun, and
amazing they are.

Many of the mistakes listed above happen because
women get afraid that things aren’t going according to plan. They try
to read into relationships too hard, and try to take action to keep
things going well.

But when a man falls for you, he’s falling for
you the way you are. You shouldn’t have to change or start doing things
to keep him interested. When you’re worried, remind yourself that he
chose you. He already decided that you’re good enough. In fact, he
decided that you’re more than good enough. He wants to be with you!

big difference between men and woman is: Men want the woman to stay the
same while the woman wants to change the man. So, my simple advice is:
continue to be yourself and enjoy the relationship, and don’t try to
change the man!

Remember that he fell for you and likes you, and
you deserve to enjoy your life and be yourself. Check the mistakes above
to ensure you’re not causing him to lose interest, and then you can
focus on nurturing an open, caring and committed relationship.

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