8 reasons why you should not remove your pubic hair

If you’ve paid attention to the rising popularity of Brazilian bikini waxes and itty-bitty bikinis in the last decade, you’d be forgiven for spending those years trying to eliminate every last hair from your nether regions. But not only is this process difficult and uncomfortable, it turns out that it’s also unhealthy! There’s a reason hair is down there, and if you’re shaving/waxing/lasering it off, you’re endangering your health. Read on for reasons to leave your pubic hair alone, no matter your bathing suit and underwear choices.

1. It’s there for your sexual comfort

That’s right, pubic hair is there to keep you comfy while you’re making a move. If you’ve ever embarked on a drastic pubic hair removal process and found yourself a bit uncomfortable during nooky with your love, it’s because you don’t have hair protecting you from the friction caused by skin-to-skin contact, friction that can cause skin to get inflamed and sensitive, a la the feeling you have when you get rug burn. No one wants rug burn down there!

2. It protects you from bacteria


The vagina is naturally a warm, moist environment, making it the ideal place for bacteria to grow. Thankfully, the presence of your pubic hair keeps bacteria from entering the vaginal area, but the cuts and abrasions caused by its removal can allow that bacteria to grow and leave you with a nasty infection.

3. It controls your body temperature

The hair on our bodies helps to regulate our body temperature. It’s why goose bumps cause our hairs to stand on end; the erect hairs trap air to make us feel warmer. The same idea applies to pubic hair. When we get hot, our pubic hair follicles secret oil that, once evaporated, cools us down. Shaving that hair impairs our body’s ability to regulate temperature. That’s right, shaving your pubic hair can cause you to feel overheated!

4. It makes us more attractive


Yes, you read that right. Pubic hair contains pheromones, chemicals that attract partners and can trigger sexual excitement and interest. Eliminating that hair means those chemicals don’t get secreted, which means you’re attracting less people. So contrary to popular belief, you’ll get just as much, if not more nooky, by not shaving. Don’t you just love science?

5. It won’t give you bumps, zits, or abscesses


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Pubic hair in its natural, untrimmed state is unlikely to lead to skin complaints. However, when you start trying to remove it, suddenly you could be dealing with ingrown hairs, abscesses and shaving rashes, all of which are extremely uncomfortable, painful and, if left untreated, could require medical attention. Do yourself and your skin a favor and just let it grow.

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