8 Morning Stretches That Increase Flexibility

It can be quite challenging to incorporate stretching
in the morning, while at the same time getting ready for your day. Many
of us like to sleep “five more minutes” and get ready for work in a
rush. However, stretching for at least five minutes in the morning will
outweigh all inconveniences that might occur while you are getting ready
or eating breakfast. 


People who work a desk job
often struggle from pain or tension in the muscles from sitting all day
on the same spot and moving only a few muscles at a time. Additionally,
pain and stiffness in the morning are common as a result of accumulated
fluids during sleep. So, incorporate morning stretches into your daily
routine and change your life in a positive way.

Here are the exercises that will help your muscles feel more relaxed

1. Door Stretch

The exercise strengthens the spine as this posture offers the frame of a door to additionally strengthen the shoulders and arms and open up the chest. The muscles in your torso should feel relaxed too.

Step your foot to the threshold and place the arms on the door jamb at the beginning of the stretch. Make sure your upper arms are parallel to the floor and your forearms along and aligned up the doorway.

Until you feel a stretch in the chest or shoulders, bend the front knee. Keep that position for 3 seconds and repeat the same movements with the other leg. 

2. Stand Side Stretch

This is an excellent stretch for your core, upper back, and shoulders. Additionally, it extends the range of motion in those areas.

The next step is to clasp your hands and extend the pointer fingers. Hold your hands over your head and inhale as you reach forward. As you bend your body to the right side, exhale.

Breathe in and out five times and then return to the center. Repeat the same movements on the left side. Take your time to repeat this exercise 3 to 4 times. 

3. Standing Hamstring Stretch

This stretch is great for your hamstrings and lower back pain.

The first step is to take a chair, stand in front of a bad, or take any surface that is slightly lower than your hips. Put your left heel on it and flex your foot.

If you want to deepen the stretch, bend forward with your torso toward the foot on the chair. Change feet after 30 seconds. 

4. Standing Forward Bend

Stand with your feet hip-wide apart and slightly bend your knees and bent over at your hips.

Hold your elbows and let your body hang over your legs. People who have lower back pain can put their hands on the ground to support the body.

Hold at this position and take 3 to 4 deep breaths. If you feel the tension in your neck and head, shake it back and forth or rock it from side to side. 

5. Elevated Pigeon Stretch

Open your hips and elevate lower back pain with this stretch. Also, it is great for spine issues.

Lie on the bed or on the yoga mat and take your left leg with the knee. Make sure your hips are square as your front knee is placed outside of your shoulder.

Keep your spine straight, place your hands on the surface for more support, and bend forward.

Take 5 to 6 deep breaths while holding the pose and then change sides. 

6. Cat & Cow

This pose is great for lengthening the neck, back, torso, and spine. You will strengthen the spine and develop flexibility in your upper body, while at the same time you will create and open space in the neck.

The first step is to place your hands and knees on the floor, making sure your palms are under the same line as your shoulders. The knees need to be under the hips.

Then, take a deep breath, pull your abdominal muscles in, and arch your back. You will look like a cat that is stretching. While in this pose, let your tailbone and head drop toward the floor.

Get back to the starting position by bending the upper part of the spine upwards. Engage the abdominal muscles to support your upper body. Make sure your neck isn’t descended into your shoulders or your shoulders aren’t crunching up your neck. Take a deep breath and repeat the pose 5 times. 

7. Clasped Hand Chest Stretch

This stretch is excellent for opening your chest while stretching the shoulders, upper arms, and the front.

Stand with your feet wider than hip-wide apart. Then you need to clasp your hands behind the back. However, if you find it hard to hold your hands at this position, use a towel or a strap while placing them as close as possible.

Bend forward and raise your arms up behind you. Drop your head lose and raise your hands overhead as far as you can. Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat it three more times. 

8. Straight Leg Calf Stretch

This calf stretch will work on the lower part of your legs and will help you release the calf muscles.

Stand in front of the wall and hold your arms straight in front of you, while your hands are flat against the wall. Place your right leg forward as your foot is flat on the ground and extend your left leg also with the foot flat on the floor.

The next step is to lean into the wall, but do not bend the left leg. Hold in this position up until you feel a stretch in your calf.

It is best to hold it for 30 seconds and then switch legs. Repeat the stretch for three sets twice on each leg. 

The benefits of stretching are:

  • Increased flexibility

You will be more able to maintain the mobility of your body and increase the range of motion.

  • Decreased back pain

Lower or upper back issues can be gone by exercising at least 15 minutes a day.

  • Improved posture

You will immediately feel the difference in your posture after a
stretching routine. Boost your confidence while standing straight and
feel less pain.

  • Decrease stress levels

Calm the mind and tranquil your body while stretching. When you
breathe in and out, you reduce tensions in the muscles, additionally,
increasing body flow and encouraging mindfulness.

Stretching in the morning wakes up your body and muscles and gets
them ready for the day. The blood flows in the muscles increases, thus
making you feel good, relaxed, and full of energy.




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