7 Ways To Make Love To Your Partner Without Being Physical

 Do you know how to make love with your partner without being physical?

Making love is a logical progression when two people are in a
relationship. Emotional intimacy and closeness of minds is crucial in
the quest to find a soul mate. If you are able to stimulate the mind and
body together, you have managed to win the challenge in a hard-earned
battle of winning your love’s heart!

Here are the 10 different ways in which you can establish a connection without just being physical.

1.  A friend first policy:
If you are creating a strong friendship you will invest in mutual love
and respect, trust and camaraderie. If you are friends first, you will
be able to share everything first. Feeling a sense of security and
stability adds magic.

When you are aware that your partner has your back, you have the best
intentions and feel happy and attracted. Friendship and love releases a
hormone called Oxytocin. This hormone builds a sense of trust and well
being. You cultivate love through a strong and deep friendship.

2. Connect through food and laughter:
They say cooking is the best way of gaining entry into a man’s heart.
Men, in fact, love it when the women they love to cook. The way to a
man’s heart is truly via the stomach. The simple act of feeding is a
stimulating activity. It grows passion and good feelings.

3. Have hobbies together and share activities:
It is important to share activities and a bucket list of things that
make you happy. The bedroom is not the only place to share activities
and secrets. You can take a hike in the hills, watch a sunrise or even
go for culinary classes on weekends together.

Teach each other new things and enjoy your time in the park. Go to a
baseball game and do things that help bind the two of you together.
Being silly and laughing is a precious thing that enhances the emotional
bond. If you exercise, you also help build a level of physical

4. Open up about your dreams and fears:
If you get to know each other and break the barriers of shame and
embarrassment, you can bring yourselves closer to each other.
Vulnerability helps bring two people close. It forces you to put down
your walls and reach for each other.

5. Show feelings and affection:
You can cuddle and hug, snuggle and kiss as often as possible without
being physical. This is a sure-shot way of mentally stimulating your
partner and increases personal devotion. Sentiments are worth a value in

6. Encourage and enjoy:
The more you enjoy your partner’s company, the better the bond and the
love. A nice massage or a foot rub, caressing your partner’s arm also
can send those hormones to the heart. We feel loved when we are touched
and encouraged. Affection leads to emotional, spiritual and physical

7. Stimulate to experience:
You should be able to think out of the box. Experiences should be about
not getting stuck in a place. Excite and feel the difference.

It is not just always about meeting your physical needs but also about
meeting the emotional and soulful desires of the heart. You need a
deeper connection to nurture your union for a long time at the mental

This is how you make love with your partner without getting physical.

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