7 things to do every morning! A healthy morning routine to be healthy, happy, productive and successful,

is my morning routine to be healthy, productive and happy! It takes a
little over an hour and a half, but works wonders. These 7 morning
habits can help you reduce stress, get more done and actually maintain a
healthy lifestyle without obsessing. Even if you don’t have time for
everything, I’m sure you’ll find some new morning routine ideas that
you’ll want to try!

Days, weeks, even months have been slipping by this year. What happened to September? Where did it go? We had a deal.

wanted to achieve things, to go on a trip and to have lost the weight I
put on during the last days of summer. Which I don’t want to talk

But reality is: nada of what I planned has happened.

often gets stressful, overwhelming and things keep happening to us that
make us go “Oh, it’s October already? And I still haven’t done ANYTHING
I actually wanted?”

So today, I want to share the
morning routine that has served me really well in the past in terms of
keeping me happy, healthy and more productive.

It’s been the best
to help me reduce stress, to actually get the things done that I need
and want to do, to stop being stuck and to move forward with my life.
And of course to stay in shape.

It takes about, I’d say 2 hours.

I know. I know it is a lot of time for most of us, including myself, but it’s the one that has worked for me best.

I’ve tried to shortcut my morning routine and even though it was kinda working, it was not as effective. And because I’ve learned to do things thoroughly and with enthusiasm, I like to keep it this way.

started doing these 7 simple things in the morning around 3.5 years ago
and whenever I do keep this morning routine up, I see the biggest
change in my happiness, my body, my energy, productivity levels and in
my life.

1. Wake up and spend a few minutes in bed.

about what you want to achieve today and what you want in general from
life, from this month, this week. Don’t overcomplicate it, let your mind
wander a bit.

But I always make an effort, to think about things more positively. If I do get a stressful thought, a doubt, a worry, I simply replace it with a different one and focus on what I want to do today. What’s right in front of me (not in my phone).

2. Make the bed and drink water.

says to do this, but it actually helps. I personally, don’t have to
make my bed, I don’t really HAVE to drink water, but both of these are
good for my well-being. And because I’m a grown-up now, I know it and I
simply do it.

There’s something about knowing you’re doing the right thing,
even when you don’t have to answer to anybody, that brings so much
self-trust and self-respect with it. So make your bed and drink 2
glasses of water, even if nobody else is going to see it or applaud you
for it.

3. Exercise for at least 20 minutes.

So this
was different during summer, because it was warm and I could go out and
exercise outside, but now I’m doing my workouts at home. I don’t like
the gym and I don’t have 1.5 hours in the morning for it. I find my workouts on Youtube or I come up with them on my own.

not exercising in the morning to get it over with and because I want a
hot body. I do it, because of how it affects the rest of my day. It
sounds so annoying, but moving my body helps me wake up, it helps me
stay focused and motivated throughout the day. After my workout I always
make sure to stretch for 5 minutes.

4. Put on uplifting music.

like music from the 80s, 70s, 90’s… actually any decade. Sometimes I
like Bob Marley, sometimes Stevie Wonder, sometimes Lenny Kravitz,
lately it’s been “When You Believe” by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.
And I sing along and objectively: I’m really good.

5. Shower and get ready. 

the music is playing, I take a shower and get ready. This is a part I
feel gets ignored when people talk about morning routines.

It’s self-explanatory that you’ll shower and get dressed, right?

to me this is a time to really enjoy, to have some fun and to put me in
the right mindset for the day. It’s nothing to rush through.

6. Do one thing you’re always putting off.

that will bring you one step further on a goal you actually want to
achieve. If you do this early in the day you’ll be very relieved and
you’ll stop having the same constant thoughts that are “constipating”
your mind.

To me usually, that thing is writing. It’s the
most difficult task I need to do to bring my projects forward. Sitting
there for 30-40 minutes, being focused and not all over the place, not
looking at my phone or anywhere else?

It’s hard for me. But because it’s so hard, and because I always put it off – it’s also the most rewarding part of my day.

takes so much stress, so much pressure off of me to have done this
before 9 am. I can’t even begin to explain how much better I feel for
the rest of the day.

So for you this might be learning a language,
a new skill – whatever you’re putting off. Commit to doing something,
finishing a small task every day to move forward with that project –
it’s super rewarding. And you’re gonna feel proud of yourself for the
rest of the day.

7. Go out for a walk / enjoy nature for 10-20 minutes.

this part can be optional for many of you. But as someone who works at
home, I really need my time outside before I start to really work.

did love this part in the past when I wasn’t working at home and it was
my way to get to work – by walking. Or other times when I was commuting
for more than an hour and was on a train.

I like to take that
time to just be with myself. Not listening to music or a podcast, but
really listening to me and observing the world around me. I know, people
say it’s a waste of time to not listen to, work, write or plan
something, but I can tell you this has been the best time for me to come
up with ideas and to clear my mind.

my kind of journal time, except I don’t have a journal, but my phone.
And I don’t write in it, but sometimes, like a crazy person, I speak and
record my thoughts.

I never listen to those “tapes”. Yet, somehow
remember those ideas. Give your mind these 15-20 minutes to relax,
recharge and refuel. It will thank you with new ideas and solutions that
only you can come up with. Don’t interrupt with social media or the voice of somebody else. Give your mind a chance to speak to you.

And that’s it. This is a long morning routine, but to me it’s definitely worth investing my time and waking up around 2 hours earlier
than I need to to do all of these things. I hope some of these ideas
inspire you to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life!


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