7 Things The Color of Your Period Says About You

Periods, and most importantly, period blood are slowly becoming less
taboo to society. Knowing what your period blood should look like might
save you from very dangerous conditions. For example, the light pink
color of your period may signal low estrogen levels and could be a
signal of an approaching osteoporosis diagnosis later in life.


We at Bright Side found out what your period blood color can tell you about your health and how to deal with it.

Pink-ish color

Pink-ish colored period blood may signify low estrogen levels. If
you’re an avid runner, this could also be a reason for your menstrual
blood to be light in color, as it’s been proven that playing sports,
especially running, may cause the estrogen levels to drop.

It’s something to watch out for as some studies have found a connection between low estrogen and osteoporosis later in life.


Watery, almost without color or super-light-pink menstrual blood
means you are either nutrient-deficient, or you could even have ovarian
cancer. But don’t get too nervous, fallopian-tube cancer accounts for
less than 2 percent of all gynecological cancers.

Dark brown

Dark brown or dark red may mean that some of the old blood has been “sitting” inside your uterus for too long.

Nobody knows why this happens, but this is considered to be a normal thing.

Thick and looks like jam with clots

Jam-like blood discharge during your period with dark red clots means
that you might have low progesterone and high estrogen levels. Most of
the time, it does not mean anything.

However, if the clots are large in size and there are many of them,
it may mean you have a hormonal imbalance. Also, fibroids in your uterus
could be the cause. This condition should not scare you though.


Orange color, similar to the gray-red mix may mean you have an
infection. Nevertheless, a stinky smell and severe pains will supplement
this if it’s an STD/STI infection.

Now, you already know what the color of your period blood reveals
about your health. Maybe it’s now the time to make an appointment with
your gynecologist. Share this with your girl friends and family members
for them to become aware too!

Cranberry Red Color

The cranberry colored blood throughout your period is measured to be
healthy and great. But it must be distinguished that what is normal for
one person may not be the case for another.

Thus, scheduling an appointment with a doctor frequently is a good thing to do.

Bright red blood

Bright red menstrual blood is most typical in the beginning of your
cycle, since it indicates that your uterine lining is shedding new blood
at a fast rate.

If it turns up at a different point in your cycle or is accompanied
by abnormal cramping, there’s a small chance it indicates a miscarriage
or ruptured ovarian cyst, but you’re most likely fine, says Charlery


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