7 Signs That Show Your Body Needs Help

The body is like a mechanism with many functions that work
simultaneously. But, sometimes, the body can give us some signs that
something is not working properly. Don’t ignore these signs, and ask for
a professional help.

Here are 7 signs that indicate health problems and that your body needs help.

Fragile nails and hair
If your nails and hair are fragile, it can be a sign of Vitamin B
deficiency. To make your hair and nails strong again, you just need to
drink more milk and eat some nori seaweeds and mushrooms.

Rings that appear around the irises
If you are over 50, don’t worry, as the appearance of these rings are
quite usual. But, if you are younger, the rings around the irises can be
a sign for high cholesterol levels. If this is happening, you will have
to consult a doctor.

Bleeding gums
If your gums start to bleed every time you brush your teeth, it means
that you are deficient in vitamin C. Just try to consume more citrus
fruits, spinach, green and red bell peppers, tomatoes, cabbage,
cauliflower and broccoli. All these foods are great source of vitamin C.

Dry skin
If you suffer from dry skin, it might be a sign of vitamin E deficiency.
To return the moisture to your skin, it is important to eat more oils,
vegetables, nuts and fish.

Sudden cravings for sweet
If you suddenly crave something sweet, it means you are stressed,
exhausted or depressed. Thus, the body is asking for glucose. If you
want to avoid gaining weight, you should have some dark chocolate or
honey instead of cakes and sweets.

Desire to eat ice
If you feel like you want to eat ice, then it might mean that you have
anemia, or iron deficiency. Instead of eating ice, try to consume more
beef, eggs, and molluscs. Nevertheless, it is still better to consult a
doctor if you are feeling like eating ice and you lack energy.

If you are experiencing insomnia more often, it might be a sign your
body needs magnesium and potassium. Consume more tomatoes, oranges,
bananas and spinach to give your body these essential

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