7 Natural Remedies To Alleviate The Pain Of A Sunburn

Almost everyone likes to take sunbathing. After all, this activity
itself brings a lot of pleasure. It is known that substances that
directly affect the mood are produced in the human body under the
influence of sunlight. In addition, sunbathing gives the skin a
beautiful golden or even brown tone.

Sunburn is the result of producing melanin in the outer horny layer of
the skin. Along with this process, the skin undergoes some negative
influence. In particular, drying and weakening of the upper layer of the
skin occurs. Therefore, it is very important to use special means to
take care of it.

No matter how much you sunbathe, moistening the skin on the whole body
is the most important part of the care. It does not matter whether you
are sunbathing on the beach or in the solarium, the radiation adversely
affects the skin, drying it. If it happened that you have a sunburn and
painful feelings, we will tell you about the most effective ways to calm
the burned skin:

1. Cool compress. Mix Burow’s solution with cool water and apply to the necessary areas.

2. White vinegar. With a slight increase in temperature, you can rub the
body with a weak solution of vinegar. It creates cooling effect.

3. Oatmeal bath. It can help you eliminate a strong sensation of burning skin. Wet gauze and apply to the burnt areas.

4. Baking soda bath. Mix it with cool water and take a bath. It will cool the skin.

5. Aloe vera gel. It is a real life-saving ingredient that will not only
refresh the irritated skin, but also stop the peeling process.

6. Honey. Apply honey to the burnt areas and cover it with gauze.

7. Black tea. It is necessary to make strong tea, wait until it is
properly absorbed, drain and wait for cooling. Using a cotton cloth,
apply black tea to the necessary areas.

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