7 eczema remedies that work

I have suffered from eczema for as long as I can remember.

I had red, itchy spots in the creases of my arms and legs all through
my childhood, but it wasn’t until fifth grade – when we were living in
hot, humid Singapore and I wore scratchy, polyester uniforms – that it
really started to become a problem. Of course, this was long before the
invention of the internet, so we couldn’t rely on things like Google and
Pinterest to tell us what the best and most effective eczema remedies
were. Our options were to slather ourselves in medicated cream or

I’m serious.

Looking back, I recognize how fortunate I was that my skin usually
responded quickly to whatever creams my doctor prescribed each time I
had an eczema flare. I know others aren’t nearly as lucky, and had a
taste of how that must feel when I was in the fifth grade. I don’t know
what caused my eczema to flare at that particular time, but when I
changed out of my school uniform into my bathing suit for swim lessons
one afternoon, I noticed a huge red, puffy rash all over my legs. The
memory still makes my eyes well up with tears because when I walked out
to the pool with my friends, my 6-foot, 7-inch swim instructor took one
look at my legs and yelled, ‘YOU’RE NOT BRINGING THAT INTO MY POOL!!!’at
the top of his lungs in front of the entire class.

He told me to call my mother, who promptly took me to the doctor, and
it took many, many tubes of medicated ointment before I would bare my
legs in public again.

I mostly outgrew my eczema by the time I started high school, but
instead of my legs and arms being covered in itchy, pink patches, my
right hand now resembles that of an 80-year-old woman, and cracks,
splits, bleeds, and itches all. winter. long.

The good news is that the internet is FILLED with all kinds of
helpful eczema remedies these days, and after working with a
dermatologist and allergist, and doing a lot of my own trial and error, I
have a lot of great tips and tricks as it relates to treating and
preventing eczema.


Here are 7 of my favorites.


If you or your child suffer from eczema, one of the first things you
should do as part of your treatment plan is to get an allergy test to
determine if something in the environment and/or a particular food or
food group is causing or exasperating the condition. Dust, pollen, grass
seed, laundry detergent, and synthetic clothing can all trigger eczema,
as can foods like wheat and dairy. An allergist can help pinpoint what
(if anything) is causing your skin to flare so you can avoid triggers
wherever possible.


One of the best eczema remedies I’ve ever tried is to avoid hot
water. It sounds so simple, but it’s so effective!!! Even if you apply
moisturizer immediately following a shower or bath, washing and bathing
yourself in hot water can dry out your skin and strip it of protective
oils. Use lukewarm water wherever possible.


Soaps, skin products, and detergents with perfumes and dyes added to
them can be really irritating to eczema-prone skin, so opt for natural,
scent-free products wherever possible.


As much as we want to adopt the latest fashion trends, wool and
synthetic fabrics can really aggravate eczema-prone skin. For some,
wearing a cotton top or undershirt is all it takes to keep their eczema
at bay, but others do better if they stick to loose-fitting cotton
clothes year-round.


I’ve tried more skin care products over the years than I care to
admit, and when my eczema is really bothering me, I used to find the
only thing that could get it under control was tube of medicated cream
from my doctor. I’ve been prescribed many different ointments over the
years, and while each has provided immediate relief, I’m not a fan of
medicating myself or my family unless I absolutely need to.

So I started trying different over-the-counter remedies, and
researching what other moms were using online, and eventually stumbled
upon a website called The ECZEMA Company, and it has totally changed my
life. They offer all kinds of natural skincare products for kids and
adults, as well as gentle clothing that won’t irritate eczema prone
skin. Here are 4 of my favorites:

  • Manuka Honey Skin Cream: This is my go-to cream
    year-round, but I especially love it during the winter months. The
    combination of organic manuka honey and organic tree nut-free oils and
    beeswax makes this a gentle, nourishing formula that soothes and calms
    irritated skin and reduces inflammation without a burning or stinging
    sensation. Top with a pair of Eczema Gloves (click HERE for adult gloves
    and HERE for child gloves) at night for added protection and to prevent
    nighttime scratching!
  • Emily Skin Soothers for Itchy Eczema: Suitable
    for babies, kids, and adults, this is another soothing cream I swear
    by. Made from all natural ingredients – olive oil, beeswax, and 3
    Chinese herbs – I love how quickly it soothes my skin and removes
  • Emily Skin Soothers for Red Eczema Rashes: If
    you or your little one are plagued by red, oozing, inflamed, and
    angry-looking eczema, this product is a must-try. It heals weeping
    dermatitis, and can also relieve irritation in skin folds such as
    armpits, elbows, and behind the knees.
  • EczeHerbal #2 – Itchy Skin Rash Treatment: If
    your eczema causes dryness, flaking, and itching, this is another of my
    favorite eczema remedies. It uses different herbs, which isn’t for
    everyone, but having grown up in South East Asia, I’m a big believer in
    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). To each their own, I say!


I’ve already touched on the importance of getting an allergy test as a
first step in treating and preventing eczema, and while grains and
dairy are known to make eczema symptoms worse, eggs, nuts, seeds, and
soy can also trigger an eczema flare. It’s definitely worth talking to
your doctor or allergist about potential foods you should avoid and to
do a bit of trial and error to see if diet has an impact.


I’ve read conflicting views on the role stress plays on eczema. Some
say it’s a trigger, others aren’t sure. From my own personal experience,
I have noticed that my skin bothers me more when I’m feeling anxious
and overwhelmed, and I’m a big proponent of proper stress management
regardless of the condition of your skin! Here are some great tips and
activities to improve your emotional health!

If you or someone you love suffers from red, raw, inflamed, and itchy
skin due to eczema, I hope one (or more!) of these eczema remedies
helps. Remember to be patient, to try one remedy at a time so you can
properly evaluate whether it helps your symptoms or makes them worse,
and to never give up. You CAN find a way to relieve your eczema

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