6 Ways Coconut Oil is Going to Work Miracles for Your Hair!

Worried about your hair? Dreaming of healthy blooming gorgeous flowing
hair? Here’s a tip! Stop dreaming and get into this remedy that home
beauty experts swear by! Apart from its use in the kitchen, coconut oil
has been renowned for its health and beauty benefits. Here are six easy
ways to use it.

1. A head full of hair!

Coconut oil is a marvel in itself. It can fight any infection or
inflammation that may occur on your scalp. Whip three spoonfuls of
coconut oil along with four tablespoons of sage and let it rest on your
scalp and hair for fifteen minutes. Wash it off with warm water, and
you’ve got a healthy ground for gorgeous hair to grow!

2. Repair what you’ve got
Coconut oil replenishes essential proteins that your hair needs to repair itself.

3. “Silk” is not a term just for fabric!
A ten-minute hair massage using coconut oil before every hair wash can give you the silky and smooth hair of your dreams.

4. Say goodbye to dandruff forever
Dandruff is caused by dry scalp. Coconut oil moisturizes your scalp and
hair. Prepare yourself a blend of coconut oil and castor oil using three
tablespoons of the previous and two tablespoons of the later. Chill for
thirty minutes and then rinse using cold water. Repeat the process for a
few days and the problem is solved.

5. Lice are termites of hair
A head full of lice is equivalent to termite-infested hollow furniture –
we need to get rid of the infestation! Our miracle oil will increase
your hair’s health and suffocate those lice, ridding them from your
luscious hair. Take a day off. Massage your hair using coconut oil,
don’t be stingy with the amount. Use a hair wrap or a shower cap. Leave
it on for the day. Wash. Repeat the next day. Repeat again. The
infestation will be terminated!

6. Untimely graying of hair is a no-no
Add some lemon zest to your coconut oil before every massage and see your hair regain its youth!

While some might argue that hair is not everything, it is definitely a
personality tool that makes us stand taller and appear more confident.
Who doesn’t know the difference between a good hair day and a bad hair
day?! Don’t be shy now, treat yourself!

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