6 Signs Your Man Is Secretly Unhappy With You!

When you are in love with your man, you are ready to do anything to make
him happy, no matter what it takes. However, sometimes you can do
things that actually make him miserable. It’s not easy to figure out
that but there are a few signs that indicate he’s truly unhappy.

I’m not gonna lie to you, ladies, I’m not the best girlfriend in the
world so I know exactly how to cope with an unhappy man. It’s tricky yet
possible. Just asking “What’s wrong with you?” or “What did I do?”
isn’t enough to make your man speak up. Unlike women, men don’t enjoy
complaining. So here are warning signs your man is secretly unhappy.

1. Frequent mood swings

You know him well so you can instantly recognize when he`s in a bad
mood. If he looks sad then he`s not happy and that`s clear. We all have
those mood swings, but not each day. If your man is in a bad mood every
single day and you can’t do anything to boost his mood, it’s a warning
sign. Find out the reason and try to help your man cope with rough
times. If it’s you who spoils his mood, then probably it’s time to leave
him alone.2.

2. He avoids you

If he starts spending more time with his friends than earlier, it may be
a sign that he`s is not happy with you anymore. Moreover, if he finds
new and new excuses to avoid you and you rarely see him and talk to him,
it’s a sure sign your relationship is over. Couples shouldn’t have
secrets, because even the smallest lie can ruin any strong relationship.

3.He’s trying to change you

If your boyfriend is trying to change the way you behave or the way you
are in general that definitely means that he`s unhappy in your
relationship. If you don`t feel like making any changes, let him know
about it. If he gives an ultimatum, do you really want to be with such a
person? Love yourself, respect yourself and don’t allow anyone,
including your man, ruin your individuality. Discuss things both of you
want to change and think about what each of you can do to improve your
relationship without making a sacrifice.

4.He is too quiet

Men hate complaining so they are better off saying nothing at all.
Perhaps he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings or he hopes he’ll cope
with his unhappiness alone. He keeps silent and looks thoughtful. Men
tend to think over the current situation that bothers their mind. You
may ask what`s going on but I bet he`ll not answer. Give him some time
to put his thoughts in order and handle his problems on his own.

5.He stops texting you

If your guy doesn`t text you as much as he usually did, he may be just
taking a break. While you shouldn’t make a drama out of this, try to
figure out why he needs that break. He may have problems at work, at
college or some family issues. If everything is fine yet he doesn’t call
or text you during the day, maybe your man isn’t interested in you and
your relationship overall.

6.Snide remarks

He can’t just say that he feels miserable so he says things that can
help you figure that out. Men tend to hide their feelings so they make
snide remarks to show their dissatisfaction. Pay attention to those
remarks. If you see he’s trying to tell you he’s not happy with you
anymore, say it yourself. Women are braver than men, which is why we are
usually the ones who break up with men.

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