6 Signs That Your Liver is Full of Toxins

The largest solid organ in the body is the liver and its main
function is to transform toxins into waste, and then, the body removes
them through urine and feces. This is one of the most important
functions of our body due to the true fact that today and nowadays we
are constantly and each and every day surrounded by pollutants and


Very unfortunately, our livers can become very overwhelmed and
therefore not capable to remove, which is, to get rid of the waste, that
can consequently lead to storage in fat cells, most often in the area
of our belly.

The is naturally an organ that contains fat so therefore there shall
be some fat in it at all times, but when the case is that the fat is
more than 5 to 10 percent of the total weight of the organ, it results
to a fatty liver.

Two types of fatty livers diseases exist: Non-alcoholic fatty livers
disease and alcoholic livers disease. The alcoholic livers disease
appears as a result of excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks, and
the non-alcoholic fatty livers disease is a result of some non-alcoholic
factors such as high cholesterol, large consumption of processed and
fast foods, genetics or chemical influences.

The symptoms that can indicate a livers in need of detoxification are as below:

Unexplained weight gain

If the liver is not 100% working on removing toxins from the body,
regular workout and reducing calories won’t be of much help because of
the true fact that the body stores the unfiltered toxins in its fat
cells. Furthermore, due to the fact that the responsibility of the
livers is to metabolize fat, when it doesn’t function properly, the fat
circulates from the gut, through the bile and back to the organ.


If the liver functions properly, it produces antibodies that fight
allergens, so if its work is reduced, the allergens are stored into the
body. As a response to this, the brain produces histamine which is a
chemical that marks the allergens that shall be eliminated, and in high
levels leads to allergy symptoms such as itchiness, fogginess and

Chronic fatigue

One of the first and obvious signs of liver damage is feeling weak
and tired constantly. When the liver is in poor condition, the body has
to work harder and the body will need more rest. This happens due to an
increase in toxins in the bloodstream that can not be cleared out due to
the fact that the liver can’t get rid of the toxins in a proper manner.
If the symptoms are persistent, especially with other early signs of
liver damage, please seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Excessive sweating

When the liver is overworked, its functioning decreases and the liver
warms up. Due to this, as it is a big organ, it transports the heat to
the rest of the body parts and gets a try to cool itself by excessive


The toxic buildup in the liver most often leads to hormonal imbalance
which causes acne. If the acne is a cause of reduced liver function it
can’t be treated externally.

Bad breath

If your hygiene and oral health are in a good shape, but you still
suffer from a bad breath, you might have a liver problem. Please contact
a physician in order to be certain.

Ways to get rid of liver disease

You might reverse fatty liver disease and reduce the symptoms by
adapting to some healthy lifestyle habits. This kind of recipe is
nutritious yet delicious way to reverse the effects of a fatty liver
disease. Blend one chopped banana with one cup of Greek yogurt, 1-inch
ginger root, two tablespoons peanut butter and one teaspoon of dandelion
root. Blend and serve immediately. Mix it and match it with your
favorite ingredients and incorporate into your diet 1 to 2 times a day.

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