6 Signs That Clearly Indicate That The Man Has Not Had Intimate Relationships For A Long Time

You like the new colleague, he is
cute, young and earns just as well as you. However, you hear rumors
that he has not had a partner for a long time.

Or is he
constantly talking about his intimate life and how many girls he had.
But there are 6 signs that you can easily check what is true, ie whether
the man has not had an intimate relationship for a long time:


Being a sexual ‘maniac’

man is literally possessed with sex. He turns all his conversations,
jokes and thoughts on the subject. Also, he feels an increased
attraction to certain individuals or eagerly observes the women passing
by. He may spend long hours masturbating, but this does not give him the
full satisfaction he needs.

Doesn’t like any woman

opposite of sexual maniac behavior is the lack of reaction and
attraction to the female sex, and may even develop aggression towards
the ladies. In such situations, the man becomes apathetic, locked up in
his inner world, protects himself from others and devotes himself fully
to work or a hobby.


irritability and impatience may be due to lack of sex. Ultimately, the
man does not get the full complex of necessary hormones, in particular,
the happiness hormones – serotonin and endorphins. In addition,
everything is a great way to reduce stress and relax, and the lack of
intimate relationships is the opposite.

Lack of sleep

one is constantly and solely thinking about sex, he actually has no
time for resting his brain and no time for quality sleep. After sexual
activity, the person receives a hormonal cocktail that promotes improved
sleep. Signs point out that the man has been asleep for a long time,
which may in fact be an indication that he has not had intimate
relationships for a long time.

Excessive food consumption

lack or complete absence of intimacy, which is also common in women,
can cause men to become prone to overeating. Excess body weight is
starting to increase day by day, and this affects health itself:
Frequent breathlessness, heartache, muscle mass are filled with fats
that appear in the abdomen, chest and thighs.

Distraction and fear

of intimate relationships has a great impact on the psyche, which can
negatively affect the performance of daily duties. If a man constantly
forgets about important things, dates, times, names, the culprit may be
the lack of everything.


There may also be a feeling of fear that relates to the fear of having difficulty getting an erection, or failure of a partner.

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