6 Mistakes You Make Before Sleeping That Make You Fat

If losing weight is not an easy task, there are many mistakes that
hinder this process and cause a bad mood due to the frustration of our
unsuccessful efforts. Indeed, there is nothing more disappointing than
limiting yourself day after day without observing encouraging results.
To adopt a better lifestyle leading to the loss of unwanted pounds, the
specialist in sleep and weight loss Dr. Peter Le Port update on 6 errors
that we would do just before bedtime and that would make us gain

Beyond dietary gaps and sedentary lifestyle, some steps are needed to
eliminate the extra pounds, starting with banning the bad habits we
repeat daily without even realizing it. If you notice that despite a
healthy lifestyle your pounds are still obstinate, the answer to this
puzzle could well be related to your evening routine. Let’s review these
mistakes that you may make:

Do not count the calories of the evening “Eat like a king in the
morning, like a prince at noon, and like a poor man at night,” the
saying goes. Indeed, it is essential to curb your cravings of delicacies
in the evening at the risk of gaining weight without realizing it.
According to sleep and weight loss specialist Peter LePort, there is no
question of avoiding dinner but rather of reducing it. So, it is better
to avoid big ice cream for dessert if you want to limit your caloric

Snack in front of the television According to a study published by The
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, paying attention to what one
eats and the amounts ingested would be a considerable factor favoring
weight loss. This would in particular make it possible to give up the
calculation of sometimes oppressive calories based solely on the
quantity of food on our plate. Unfortunately, this good habit is hard to
adopt when you eat slouched on an armchair staring at the screen of our
television. Peter LePort confirms that eating while distracted is a
mistake to no longer commit.
Drink alcohol before sleeping If the harmful action of alcohol is not
enough to put you in the ear, know that any drink containing it is full
of calories and that the glass of wine you like so much before bedtime
is very likely to disturb your sleep cycle. As Dr. Port explains,
drinking alcohol before sleep may wake you up in the middle of the night
and, according to one study, lack of sleep would be a major trigger of
your hunger hormones, pushing you to eat more and more. unhealthy.

Use your phone in bed Because of the blue light emitted by the screens
of your tablets, telephones and television screens, it is very difficult
to find a restful rest and even less to reach a deep sleep necessary
for a good health. As a result, you wake up tired the next day, drained
of all energy. To avoid this harmful behavior to your body, Dr. Le Port
recommends abandoning any technological gadget at least one hour before

Do not go to bed at a suitable time According to a new medical survey,
every adult needs an average of 7 to 8 hours of sleep for optimal rest.

Sleep deprivation lower than the recommended duration, may increase
the risk of diabetes and obesity. A second study conducted for 16 years
confirms these results. Of the nearly 60,000 women observed, those who
slept less than 5 hours per night were 30% more likely to gain weight
over the course of the study.

Program your alarm too late Although early morning awakenings are not
always easy, delaying your alarm until the last second is a bad habit
because it makes you miss the most important meal of the day: breakfast!
According to a study published by the scientific journal Obesity, a
morning meal rich in protein would reduce cravings throughout the day,
reducing the risk of weight gain. If you’re struggling to get organized,
try changing the time you go to bed to get up sooner!

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