6 Indications That You Are Eating Excessive Sugar

Sugar is one of those things which must be consumed in very small
amounts. But our bodies love sugar. Sugar can give us quick energy and
we all know how energy-hungry our bodies are. It is very important to
remember that even if we want to eat a lot of sugar, we must not.Our
diets must always be balanced, including intake of sugar.

It is possible that your body is facing issues of excessive sugar consumption if you face any of these issues:

You Always Desire Sugar
Sugar is a very addictive substance.The more we eat sugar, the more we
crave for it. It is possible you will feel lethargic without sugar and
keep wanting more sugar every time. But sugar will only give you small
energy bursts followed by immediate exhaustion.

Putting On Weight
Sugar has no protein or fiber, so the sugar that our bodies burn results
in calories. In order to burn sugar, our bodies must produce insulin.
In order to burn all the sugar we eat, our bodies must produce a lot of
insulin, which can result in insulin obstruction. As our bodies block
out more insulin, we end up gaining more weight since the sugar is not
being burnt effectively. This is also when our pancreas is overpowered.

Sugar can also affect the immune system in adverse ways lending it
ineffective against flu or cold viruses. Hence, it is always good to eat
as little amounts of sugar as possible.

Foods Do Not Taste Sweet Enough
A high sugar intake will lead us to grow a tolerance to its overbearing
sweetness. The taste buds in our tongue end up expandingand due to this,
it will make other foods taste less sweet than they originally are.
Reducing the intake of sugar will contract the taste buds and thus,
restore our ability to taste sugar again.

Brain Haze
If you experience the feeling of haziness after eating large meals, it
is a sign that your sugar levels escalate rapidly and then crash
suddenly. This is a serious problem and you must see a doctor and get
this checked. It is also extremely important to reduce sugar consumption
at this juncture.

Skin Problems
Excess sugar also causes problems such as dryness, dermatitis, and
rosacea. These conditions will go away on their own if you consume a
lower quantity of sugar in your diet. Sugar can also result inplantar
fasciitis – a condition that causes heel and sole tissues to thicken.
Excessive sugar consumption can also cause adrenaline exhaustion, which
can lead to the formation of dark circles under your eyes.

In case you face any of the mentioned problems, try to reduce your sugar
consumption and look for improvements in health. It is also highly
recommended to consult a dietician or doctor in case the health problems
persist for a long period of time.

We certainly hope you will be careful before drinking that entire bottle of Coke next time. Won’t you?

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