6 Habits of Stylish Women for an Everyday Incredible Look

Ever wonder how your friends or acquaintances rock a simple outfit
that somehow looks meh on you? Or how they are able to be consistent in
wearing a 10 out of 10 every workday while you struggle to mix and match

Well, do not worry, my friend. Here’s a list of simple to-do’s to follow on how to be fashionable and be part of the trend! 

Don’t buy or keep something that doesn’t look good on you

There are a number of things to consider when aiming to be
fashionable. One may be your body type or shape. It could also be your

It could be the trendiest outfit right now, but if
it doesn’t make you feel comfortable and confident wearing it, don’t buy
it. If you own some, you could donate it or give it to your friends or

Invest on good undergarments

In as much as something like these are kept under the trendy outfits,
it actually provides a great deal of support on providing a good
silhouette of your curves. 

It also prevents any whoopsies which
may occur – like a sudden upskirt view on a windy day or your bra locks
giving up on you during a panel interview.

Give yourself enough time to get ready

Sometimes you already have the perfect outfit – it’s just that you
look like you ran your way to work after waking up 30 minutes past your

Practice waking up earlier
to give yourself some time to take an energizing shower, a light
make-up, and a cute up-do that will suit your chosen outfit. Better have
that outfit ironed well too. 

Most of the time, having a neat overall look is the best way on how to be fashionable!

Swap clothes with your stylish friends

You don’t have to spend if you plan on how to be fashionable. Just
look around you and you might just get the best outfits for free! 

Try hosting a clothes swapping night with your stylish friends or relatives and get some fresh finds to add to your wardrobe!

Follow dress code for every occasion

Always consider what event you are about to attend before deciding on an outfit. 

meet up with friends would lean mostly for comfortable outfits while a
job interview would most likely require being in your business attire –
not the best time to use that micromini skirt sweetie! 

Rent outfits for one-day occasions

Renting outfits is probably the best and cheapest way to get fashionable outfits for one-day occasions such as weddings.

Not only would you have a one-of-a-kind outfit, you could even just
return it afterwards, leaving you more space for more frequently used
clothes in your wardrobe! 

You don’t need to have walk-in closets filled with a huge selection
of branded clothes. Nor does it need to be the most trendy outfit of the

Just embrace what suits you best and follow good habits listed above, and you’ll surely ace on how to be fashionable!

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