6 Causes And Remedies For Bloated Stomach

Bloated Stomach, uncomfortable and sore stomach is a feeling too
familiar to many women. One day your belly looks flat and your favorite
jeans fit perfectly, and the next day you can barely close them.

The secret to the solution is to find the cause! Discover how to end the problem based on the six most common triggers.

1. If you are constipated …
There is only so much that the colon can do! Therefore, without proper
functioning and traffic jam, not only tension is created in the walls of
the intestine; It gives the intestinal bacteria time to ferment,
generating gases and an air reflux that produces the sensation of
stomach pressure and Bloated.


Drink coffee. Caffeine can stimulate the intestine and cause it to move,
although adding milk can cause more Bloated if you are sensitive to
dairy, so “black” is the best option. Of course, keep in mind that in
excess, caffeine can dehydrate, and dehydration can slow everything down
even more.

Take a walk or go for a run. Increasing the heart rate sends a signal to
the colon to move, because the intestines, like the heart, also need
exercise for optimal health.

Take a mild laxative. When none of the above works and you are
completely constipated, it is time to consider a mild laxative. Look for
sodium phosphate among the ingredients, as it will make everything flow
easily, and watch out! If one dose does not work, do not take another,
check with your doctor immediately.

2. If you ate too much …
Clearly the space inside your body is limited, so you cannot pretend
that your organs stretch and give in when you exceed. But beware!
Bloated is not only about how much you eat, or what you eat, it is also
important to consider how you eat it. If you are one of those who eat at
full speed, be careful, because you are swallowing excess air.

Taking a massage Starting on the lower right side of your abdomen, press
upward, toward the ribs, and then to the left side and downward in a
“U” shape, as the natural direction in which things move in the colon.
Repeat the massage for a few minutes and you will feel less full.

Drink mint tea. It has medicinal properties for the intestine! It
facilitates movement, relaxes nerves and restores bacterial balance. It
really is a magic potion to provide relief. Also consider that fennel
and ginger, either in tea or in supplements, can also help.

3. If you ate something that your body cannot digest …
Just because you are eating healthy does not mean that you like
everything, such as foods rich in dietary fiber for some are difficult
to digest. Insoluble fiber, (found in whole grains and most vegetables)
can help keep you steady, but soluble (found in beans, legumes, nuts,
and fruits) can block the colon, causing intestinal bacteria to ferment
and produce gas.

The same goes for foods such as milk, yogurt, soft cheeses, wheat,
onions, garlic, high-fructose corn syrup, sugar-free sweets, and some
fruits that for some people become almost impossible to digest and
consume them cause gas, abdominal pain and Bloated. (It all depends on
your sensitivity).


Take an anti flatulence pill. These magic pills create a chemical
reaction that gets rid of the gas so you don’t have to wait for the air
to move through the colon to feel relief (as long as the gases are
really the culprits of pain and discomfort).

Avoiding foods that you dislike. The moment you identify the foods that
your body cannot process, if you eliminate them, you will stop suffering
the effects. It is best that you do this procedure with a doctor.

4. If you have PMS …
During the second half of your cycle the levels of the female hormone
progesterone increase, which could contribute to fluid retention making
you feel bloated. This is just one more of the premenstrual symptoms,
which can last about six days a month, especially if you don’t take
birth control pills that regulate the fluctuations of this hormone.

Use a heating pad. Thus you manage to calm the discomfort of a symptom that unfortunately cannot be controlled.

Apply peppermint oil. Add one or two drops of the highly concentrated
essential oil to a tablespoon of your body cream and topically top it to
your abdomen.

Practice yoga, During these days it is normal that you do not feel like
doing intense training, but exercise is necessary as it increases
circulation and relieves colic and Bloated. That is why yoga is an ideal
option. In addition, stretching and movement can also help you move
your intestines to relieve Bloated related to constipation and gas.

5. If you had a stomach virus …
A stomach virus, a bacterial infection or the use of antibiotics can
alter the bacterial balance of your intestine. Either because of a virus
or because you were on vacation and were exposed to different
environments, foods and water, shaking your usual food and sleep routine
can result in constipation and discomfort.


Take a probiotic pill. Take it daily for up to two weeks to help restore good and bad bacterial balance in the intestine.

Discover the difference between probiotic and prebiotic.

6. If you are stressed, anxious or depressed …
It is no secret to any that our mental state can alter the way our brain
communicates with the intestine. So stress can affect Bloated, making
you more sensitive to stretching the intestinal walls and prone to
visceral pain.

Ask your doctor about a low dose antidepressant. In this way you can
remedy the lack of communication between the brain and the intestine
that accentuates your discomfort.

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