6 Body Indicators About Your Overall Health

Our body organs sometimes are giving red flags indicating that
overall health could be in danger. Therefore, we always have to read and
understand our body signals. Our appearance reveals many things about
health. Starting with texture and color of skin, eyes, fingernails, hair
loss and wrinkles. Check the following signals that your body is trying
to warn you



The hair loss can have various causes,
bad diets, such as stress, pregnancy, losing weight, medications, etc.
We all tend to have soft, shiny, vibrant hair, it can be obtained
through drinking plenty of water. Also, a proper diet, enough sleep,
workout, maintain mental balance.


Eyes are very
important body indicators, they let us percept the beauty around,
therefore to keep them functioning at their best ability, and need to
keep care of them. You need to establish a proper diet, drinking plenty
of water, and getting sufficient sleep time. Signs: Bags below the eyes
could indicate fluid retention from consuming too much salt, taking
much alcohol, which generates bloating, or issues like kidney problems
or malfunction thyroid. Eyes yellowing usually alerts for liver diseases, therefore you need to visit a wellness physician for further examination.


dryness and cracks can indicate dehydration, immune system malfunction,
a mild cold. Ideal lips should be soft luscious. If you see a crack on
the lips always check if your eyes are possibly dry if this happens
which and you notice joint pain and dry skin. Then visit your doctor
immediately for an examination.


A well-known body sign for psoriasis is red patches caused by immune cells disbalance that initiates infection in the body, and also on the skin.

Skin is the largest body organ and represents a piece of important information about the overall health, wrinkles are
mostly signal for the aging process, but they can be also a sign of
osteoporosis. A single study has shown that early-menopausal women who
had extreme wrinkles also had a weaker bone density as opposed to other

If you suffer from itchy and dry skin, usually the cause is
cold weather. But more strongly itchy skin indicates a more serious
issue. It can be a renal disease, thyroid problems. Not to forgot the
red bumps and acne can indicate an undergoing psychological concern,
like anxiety, stress, or even depression. As most natural therapy for
your emotion issue, try long meditation, workout, or breathing
exercises to get rid of bad feelings.


Believe it or not, but fingernails can are biggest body indicators, can tell quite a lot about overall health.  pitted nails
indicate psoriasis or connective tissue complications. Spooned nails
signalize heart disease, iron deficiency anemia, or hypothyroidism. Pink nails point to kidney failure, liver disease, heart failure, or even diabetes. Nail disconnection alerts for psoriasis or thyroid disease.


Tooth decay can indicate kidney disease, while teeth loss
can signalize for osteoporosis. When teeth seem stunted or irregular,
you possibly grind the teeth in while sleeping, it caused by increased
stress levels. Bottom line, regardless body indicators, just eating a
whole food, organic and a plant-based diet, drinking adequate water
daily, and getting enough rest and exercise a few times weekly will keep
your body healthy and fit. 6 Things Your Body Is Trying To Tell You
About Your Health

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