50 Inspirational Names For Baby Girls and Boys

uplifting name for a baby goes a long way in inspiring him or her to be
positive and creating an aura of hope and joy. The intention to do good
to the society could begin with the very name of your baby. There are
plenty of places to look up when selecting inspirational names – nature,
faith, movies, nature, people, books, and much more. We has
scanned the ambiance and given you a few to help you choose better.


Inspirational Girls Names:

1. Abigail:

Scott, the writer, was one of the first women’s rights activists. This
old-testament name is liked for its proper vintage charm. In fact, it
was the 8th most popular name in the year 2014.

2. Bliss:

of us find a unique manifestation of God’s blessing in our lives. This
is called Bliss and is associated with countless positive images. Its
variants like Blistex, Blister, or Blitz, aren’t half as cool as this!

3. Answer:

name Answer is ideal for religious parents who believe in the power of
prayer. Answer refers to the Almighty giving you respite from the
difficult situation that you are in. For the new age parents, the answer
could be given by the inner self.

4. Amelia:

Earhart was the first female orator who flew solo across the Atlantic,
but unfortunately disappeared during the circumnavigation of the globe.
Amelia Earhart is no longer with us, but she never stopped captivating
people’s minds. Amelia was also the top two baby girl name in the year

5. Eleanor:

Eleanor Roosevelt, the First Lady, made a
name for herself that is as memorable as her husband’s. She did not
just assist her husband in his political endeavor, but she also fought
for human rights and women’s issue.

6. Ada:

Ada Lovelace,
the 19th-century mathematician, is regarded by many as the world’s first
computer programmer because of her notes on coding for Charles
Babbage’s Analytical Engine. She is also the child of the Romantic poet –
Lord Byron.

7. Audre:

Audre Lorde, the poet, essayist and
civil rights activist is described rightly so as the “black, lesbian,
mother, warrior, poet.” Audre’s work explored the intersections of the
different aspects of identity. She also spoke on the interplay of sexism
and racial oppression.

8. Emmeline:

Emmeline Pankhurst,
the British suffragist, was the founder of the Women’s Social and the
Political Union that advocated women’s voting rights in the early 20th
century. You can see her work for the women in the movie ‘Suffragette’.

9. Rosa:

Congress called Rosa Parks “the first lady of civil rights” for her
fight against segregation and racism, which began with the fateful bus
ride in Montgomery.

10. Grace:

is the divine power that inspires virtue in humans and gives us
strength to endure difficult times. It would remind your daughter of the
eternal love of God.

11. Sandra:

Sandra Day O’Connor, the
first woman to serve as the Supreme Court justice, paved the way for
girls everywhere to aspire to do great things for the government. We’d
interpret the meaning of her name ‘defending men’, as ‘humans’.

12. Lucy:

the orator and women’s rights leader is best known for retaining her
name after marriage. This solid and saucy name means ‘light.’

13. Malala:

can anyone not admire this Pakistani teenager, who is today’s women’s
rights and education activities’ activist and also the youngest
recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize? She will surely inspire generations
to come.

14. Joy:

The name Joy leaped the popularity
charts after the release of animated movie “Inside Out”, where it was
the name of one of the feelings in the lead character’s head. The name
is the true representation of happiness. It means finding enjoyment and
harmony in anything that you do.

15. Elizabeth:

has witnessed some amazingly inspirational Elizabeths. One is Elizabeth
Cady Stanton, the 19th-century women’s right activist who was also the
president of the National Woman Suffrage Association for 20 years.

16. Gloria:

Steinem is one of the most famous living feminists in the world. She is
a writer, lecturer and an activist who has been campaigning for women’s
right since the 1960s. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of
Freedom in the year 2015.

17. Harriet:

Harriet Tubman is
best known for escaping slavery and saving more than 300 slaves via the
Underground Railroad. She became the activist for the women’s rights
after the Civil War, giving speeches about her experiences as a slave
and advocating women’s suffrage.

18. Isadora:

Duncan is widely regarded as the mother of modern dance. She rebelled
against the traditional dancing styles that confined women in tight
shoes and costumes. This inspirational baby girl name stands for ‘gift of Isis’ in Greek.

19. Jane:

are plenty of inspirational Janes. One is Jane Austen, the writer of
thought provoking novels. The other inspiration is Jane Eyre, the
heroine of the novel of the same name.

20. Margaret:

Sanger was the women’s right activist who advocated the women’s right
to birth control. Then there is Margaret Atwood, the Canadian novelist,
and poet who explores the nature of gender oppression.

21. Marie:

you believe that you have a little scientist on the way, name her
Marie. This classic French moniker is shared by the Nobel Prize-winning
physicist, Madame Curie.

22. Faith:

Faith was once one of
the most straightforward virtue names popularized by the Puritans in the
17th century. Today, most of the parents choose this inspirational girl name as an indicator of their religious belief. This moniker peaked in the year 2002 at #48.

23. Maya:

Angelou is the most inspiring bearer of this name. She was an American
essayist, poet, and civil rights activist. She was awarded the
Presidential Medal of Freedom in the year 2011.

24. Teresa:

Teresa is an international symbol of service and charity to the poor
and sick. She was one of the most inspiring figures of the 20th
century and continues to motivate millions of people even today.

25. Charity:

name is a little less used than other virtue names, but sounds fresh
and has a rhythmic y ending. This English name might just inspire your
children to be good and kind to everyone.

Inspirational Boy Names:

26. Honor:

is a robust and confident baby boy name that inspires decency and
integrity. The name radiates righteousness and reminds the man of his
principles. This name is particularly suitable for people with a
military background.

27. Abraham:

U.S. President
Abraham Lincoln, who led the country through the Civil War and abolished
slavery, is usually associated with this biblical moniker.

28. Karma:

may be a tad common for a baby boy name, yet is very inspiring. It
would teach your son the golden rule – do not do anything that you
wouldn’t want others to do to you.

29. Cesar:

The name may
translate to ‘head of hair’, but it has more value when you consider
its namesake Cesar Chaves, the Latino civil rights activist, renowned
for his dedication to the labor movement and farm workers.

30. Martin:

talking about Civil Rights, Dr. Martin Luther King is the first person
that comes to the mind. Martin, which means ‘warlike’, overshadows Dr.
King’s message of equality and nonviolence, in a way. Nonetheless, it
makes an excellent choice.

31. Franklin:

We have two
American political leaders’ reference here. First is Benjamin Franklin,
the Founding Father, and the polymath. And the second is Franklin Delano
Roosevelt, one of the most admired presidents of the United States.

32. Zen:

has Japanese origin and is a form of Mahayana Buddhism that emphasizes
the importance of intuition through meditation. Instead of blindly
following the scriptures and rituals, Zen advocates an active approach
in fulfilling one’s potential.

33. Bodhi:

Bodhi, the baby
name with Sanskrit origins has close links with the Buddhist religion.
It means ‘enlightenment’ or ‘awakening,’ which we all want our children
to have from an early age.

34. Dharma:

another Sanskrit origin baby name that defines a cosmic law for
maintaining the order in the universe. It comes from the word ‘dhri’,
without which nothing can stand. So, if you have a thing for
spirituality, Dharma would be a nice pick.

35. Justice:

name is a surprise success in the baby name world. The name entered the
popularity charts in 1992 and has been on the list ever since. The name
Justice will inspire your child to live a fair and honest life.

36. Pax:

is the Roman for ‘peace’. Pax Roman was the long period of 207 years of
peace in the Roman ages of the first and second century. It also means
‘treaty’ or ‘accord.’

37. Promise:

Everyone likes people
who are honest and keep their word. This inspirational boy name denotes
deep confidence and trust. It will also inspire your child to strive to
meet his promises.

38. Neil:

You do not always have to
refer to sci-fi movies to give your son a space-themed name. You can
take the inspiration from the first man on the moon himself. He had a
classic Irish name that means ‘cloud.’

39. Nelson:

Mandela is a source of inspiration for many. From incarceration to the
presidency, Nelson Mandela spent his long life fighting apartheid and
racism in South Africa. He is definitely worthy of a namesake.

40. Winston:

Churchill served as United Kingdom’s Prime Minister during the Second
World War. He inspired people and his forces to victory, making him
earn a spot on one of the most inspiring leaders of all times.

41. Frederick:

escaping from the clutches of slavery, Frederick Douglass penned three
books on the abolitionist movement. Meaning ‘peaceful ruler’ Frederick
is quite a fitting name for this inspiring figure.

42. Desmond:

Desmond Tutu campaigned against several issues that once plagued South
Africa, from HIV/AIDS to apartheid to homophobia. No wonder he received a
Nobel Peace Prize for his works.

43. Nick:

Nick Vujicic,
the man with no limbs, inspires people never to give up on their dream.
Having graduated with a double major in Accounting and Financial
Planning, Nick went on to become a motivational speaker.

44. Chance:

the French variation of Chauncey, was once viewed as a Mississippi
gambler kind of name, but it has now entered the mainstream and is
rising rapidly. The name is also endorsed by celebrity fathers like Paul
Hogan and Larry King.

45. Tesla:

Tesla is for Nikola
Tesla, who is widely remembered for the development of alternating
current electrical systems. His other innovations and inventions are too
numerous to list. You can use Tesla for girls as well. Tess would make a
cute nickname for Tesla.

46. Sagan:

Summarizing Carl
Sagan’s accomplishments is near about impossible. Of note, he was an
American novelist and astronomer, well known to the international
readers as the presenter of television series “Cosmos.”

47. Valor:

Valor is another inspiring baby name we think would sound great. And it is obscure enough to sound like a real name.

48. Mikhail:

Gorbachev, the general secretary of the Soviet Union Communist Party,
had the tenacity, courage, and strength of character to give up the
power of Soviet Communism. He even dismantled the Communist grip on
Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

49. William:

Wilberforce was one of the greatest reformers of Britain. He fought
tirelessly to end the slave trade at a time when it was considered an
‘economic necessity.’ This enduring name currently stands at the fifth

50. Albert:

Albert Einstein is one of the most
celebrated scientists of the 20th century. He was also a humanitarian
and spoke out against the nuclear weapons. The name Albert may have a
serious and studious image, but, it is quite a fancy!

What inspiring name would you honor your child with? Tell us by commenting below!

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