5 Wonderful Clove Magical Properties

of the biggest players of the famous “Spice Route” is the Syzygium
aromaticum, commonly known as clove. Let’s take a look at Clove Magical

Coming from the Malaku or Moluccas Islands, in
Indonesia, it became a very coveted and costly product for that time,
since a kilo of this plant cost about 7 grams of gold. An aroma and
flavor were reserved only for the most wealthy people.


What is Clove, and what are its magickal properties?

is an herb native to Indonesia in the Asian continent. For centuries,
its benefits are known not only medicinal but also therapeutic.

Similarly, it is widely used in the kitchen to aromatize and accompany various dishes.

  • Its gender is masculine
  • Its planet is Jupiter
  • Its element is fire


Magickal Properties of Clove

short, its Magic use is well known for protection, empathy, healing,
memory. Its aroma is penetrating and has physical and magical effects.

Sexual Aphrodisiac

Even aphrodisiac properties are not ruled out. It is known that people use it to increase sexual potency. Clove is also used in esotericism as an amulet to ward off evil energies.

It is common to use the essence of clove for meditation.

For Protection

Here’s what you need to do if you want to keep enemies away from your home.

  1. You need three cloves and a little salt. Place everything in a bowl and mix it firmly.
  2. Then put the mixture under your bed for 72 hours.
  3. Then mix everything again, until the salt disappears.
  4. With a nail, put what’s left on the entrance of the house or on a wall that’s close to the place where you eat.

The healers also removed the spells with garlic and cloves.

Clove is also used to paralyze or neutralize a person, but not to harm him/her.

are also used to absorb energy. Oranges, for example, have cloves
embedded to repel bad vibes with the smell. It is recommended that it be
placed in the center of a table, visibly and strategically exposed.

To Strengthen the Mind and Memory

is recommended that every morning you take three cloves and crush them
in a bowl. Then smell the aroma. This will boost your cognitive skills.

For Strength and Courage

You should eat three cloves ground with a mixture of a spoonful of honey.

To Attract Spiritual Vibrations

is very effective to ignite in the home or business with a nail essence
or spread white candles with a few drops of essence of them to attract spiritual vibrations in balance, purify the place and obtain protection.


A Few Additional Magickal Tips

Morning Booster

Every morning take three Macacalos cloves, and as you smell them, you’ll remember things that you forgot.

Clove Love Charm

Here’s how you can create your own love charms.

This one is a simple talisman that you can make with your own hands and in the comfort of your home.

Things you need

  • A handful of cloves
  • A piece of cloth
  • A red thread
  • A jasmine flower

How to

  1. Grind the cloves until they become dusty.
  2. Cut the petals of the jasmine flower into small pieces.
  3. Place the ground clove and chopped jasmine inside the fabric.

Tie the fabric with the red thread and repeat the following sentence:

this moment, these ingredients will become a love charm. With them, I
will attract your gaze, your attention, and your love. The clove will be
my weapon of seduction. It is done.”

Always carry the amulet with you, especially if you know you will see that person you’re in love with.


Here’s a Quick Love Ritual with a Clove

You can also perform this magical ritual to make a person fall in love.

Things you need

  • Six cloves
  • A red candle
  • Pencil and small paper
  • A small ceramic cup

How to

  1. Place the red candle inside the cup and light it.
  2. Place the cloves inside the cup and let them burn.
  3. Write your name and the name of the loved one on the paper.
  4. Roll the paper, place it in the cup, and let it burn completely.
  5. Finally, let the candle burn completely.
  6. Repeat the ritual for three nights in a row.


Clove Amulet to Define a Relationship

you have a relationship with someone and you’re are confused, about
that person’s feelings for you, this ritual will help you find out what
you two have.

Maybe it’s just a beautiful friendship, and you’re
going through a period of confusion, a fairly frequent situation that
needs to be clarified, or perhaps it’s the beginning of something else…

This clove ritual will help you clarify things.

Things you need

  • Clove
  • White canvas

How to

  1. Wrap a handful of cloves in a small white canvas.
  2. At bedtime, take this amulet and think about the person, about the feelings.
  3. Hold the amulet in your hand while you do it, then, before falling asleep, place it under your pillow.
  4. The answer will most likely come to you during sleep. If not, repeat it the next night.
  5. The esoteric powers of clove will help you get rid of doubt.

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