5 Warning Signs That Your Vagina is Unhealthy

Did you know that more than 75% of women are likely to get a vaginal
yeast infection? Having an unhealthy vagina can be quite devastating and
can affect your libido and fertility. It can interfere with your
relationship, cause stress and lower your self-confidence.

Unfortunately, any minor infection down presents a threat and can cause
health problems. If you notice anything different, consult your
gynecologist as fast as you can.

Meanwhile, here are the 5 warning signs that indicate your vagina is unhealthy:

1. Itching and Burning
Constant burning and itching sensation can indicate a great number of
vaginal infections. Itching and burning is caused when the bad and
harmful bacteria outnumber the good bacteria in your vagina. Itching and
an inflammatory sensation are signs of yeast infection. Itching can be
also caused by creams, soaps and contraceptive foams.

2. Bleeding During and After Intercourse
Bleeding during and after intercourse can be a sign of vaginal
infection, vaginal tear, STD’s and vaginal dryness. The friction caused
by intercourse irritates dry skin and caused spotting. Bleeding during
or after sex when you’re going through menopause can indicate cervical
cancer. Remember, any abnormal bleeding is a cause of concern and you
need to have a check with your gynecologist.

3. Vaginal Atrophy
When your body produces less estrogen, your vagina becomes thin, dry and
inflamed. This condition is called vaginal atrophy and the most common
symptom is pain during intercourse. This condition mainly occurs after
menopause and during breastfeeding.

4. Bumps or Blisters
If you notice a bump on your outer vagina, you need to check it with
your gyno ASAP. It might be an indication of vulvar and vaginal cancer.
This cancerous bump mainly occurs as a mole at first but with time, it
changes the color and texture and turns into a hard bump. The bump
mainly occurs near the clitoris and it’s usually dark brown or black. On
the other hand, if you notice blisters, that might be a sign of STD’s,
mainly genital herpes.

5. Painful Urination
Painful urination can sometimes be a sign of bacterial vaginosis and
yeast infection. Vaginal infections are mainly caused by soap, creams or
leaving your tampon in for too long.

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