5 Signs That You Eat A Lot Of Sugar

Even if you are not a fan of cakes and candies and you drink unsweetened tea and coffee, that does not mean that you do not intake sugar. It is much more likely for sugar to hide in finished products than in the sugar container. For example, in sausages, sauces, and even yogurt and bread. This means that you need to look out for the amount of sugar in different products. Here are the signs that indicate that you are consuming products with high sugar content.

Skin problems
Sugar, above all, adversely affects the condition of the skin. It causes the hormones to produce more skin fat, which clogs the pores. And the result is pimples. When you lower your intake of sugar and sweets, your skin will be much nicer.

Permanent colds
By suppressing the immune system, sugar exacerbates the ability of the body to protect against stress and to counter the complications of chronic illness.

Abrupt changes in mood

It is generally accepted that sweet improves mood. It really is a fact, only that effect lasts only a few minutes. Then the level of sugar drops sharply, and the mood along with it. Because of such jumps, the hormonal balance is disturbed and the body is struggling with stress. Therefore, cakes do not in any way reduce apathy and depression, but on the contrary – in the long run they cause restlessness and irritability. But the mood is sure lifted with a piece of black chocolate.


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Sleep disturbance is often associated with glucose intake. Due to the sudden jumps of sugar levels, there is a feeling of drowsiness and fatigue, and sleep worsens. For example, for breakfast drink a cup of sweetened coffee with some confectionery product. It will give you a huge amount of energy due to abruptly elevated blood sugar and insulin. And then there is inevitably a sharp drop in its level. And, as a result, weakness and drowsiness occur in the middle of daylight, when you should be the most energetic.

Nibbling snacks
If you already have an eating disposition, it’s possible to have very simple carbohydrates in your diet, and low in fat and protein (they are exactly responsible for feeling full).

You need to know

Of course, the conclusion is that the amount of sugar in the diet should be reduced, replacing it with complex carbohydrates and fats. However, the complete waiver of sweets will also adversely affect health. Moderation is the key to success. The normal blood glucose level is between 3.3 and 5.5 mmol / liter. Keep up with healthy habits, eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise physically and regularly control your blood count and sugar (at least once a year).

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