5 Signs On Your Face Indicating A Lack Of Vitamins And Minerals

Lack of vitamins and minerals are very common in most people.
Vitamins like A, B12, C, and D as well as certain minerals are extremely
important for our good health. If you lack them for a prolonged period
of time, it can lead to some serious damages.

Before it goes beyond repair, identify if you can relate to any of these signs on your face and adjust your diet accordingly.
1. Pale Lips

of the most prominent indicators of iron deficiency in most people is
pale lips. Red blood cells use this essential nutrient to circulate
oxygen in our bodies. If you lack iron, you will be prone to fatigue.
So, try to increase your intake of lentils, leafy greens, and raisins
each day. Not just boring vegetables, even dark chocolate has a very
high content of iron!
2. Dull Hair

you have dry hair prone to breakage? It is probably due to a lack of
vitamin B7 which is known to improve the nervous system functioning and
helps the liver metabolize better. B7 or biotin is commonly found in
legumes, peas, fungi, and sunflower seeds.

3. Puffy Eyes

prolonged erratic sleeping schedule is often the cause behind puffy
eyes but it could also be indicating that your body lacks iodine. Our
thyroid gland uses iodine to produce the hormones we require to heal our
damaged cells. This mineral also helps in metabolic functions. Iodized
salt is one of the most common sources of iodine.
4. Bleeding Gums

of vitamin C is the main cause of bleeding gums and it can also result
in frequent nose-bleeds. Prolonged lack of vitamin C can cause Scurvy
which results in sore muscles, fatigue, low RBC count, etc. Increase
your vitamin C intake with leafy greens like spinach and broccoli and
citrus fruits.
5. Pale Skin

If you
have noticed your skin suddenly turning pale, it is an indication of a
lack of vitamin B12. B12 keeps our blood cells and nerves healthy and
also helps to manufacture DNA in our cells. B12 deficiency leads to
megaloblastic anemia which can leave you worn out and fatigued. You can
take supplements to deal with it or eat pastured eggs and rennet-free

A balanced diet taking care of your minute needs of
these vitamins and minerals will make sure you stay healthy for a long
period of time. Take small doses of these healthy foods but keep it
regular. Eat healthy, stay healthy!

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