5 Kinds of Body Pain That Are Directly Linked to Your Emotions

When you go through heartbreak or any
kind of trauma, it almost feels like the pain is all too real. It’s
just not located in the mind, but it is present in your body and is
actually hurting you. While people might have said that it was just a
feeling, Susanne Babbel, Ph.D. and a specialist in somatic psychology
has actually found a reason for this connection of mind and body. An
article published in Psychology Today elaborates on the link that is
present between trauma in the mind and physical pain or any kind of
illness in certain areas of the body.

Hormonal issues

According to the report, when we undergo a lot of stress, our body
releases a stress hormone known as cortisol. This can cause a rise in
blood sugar and blood pressure, which in turn results in reduced
activity of our immune system. Since healing takes a hit, it results in a
constriction of our muscles which causes pain and might get inefficient
and fatigued if the stress period lasts for a long time.

When there are emotional pains, these are some of the areas where you might feel an aching sensation:


According to author and psychologist, Alan Fogel, Ph.D., chest pain can
be indicative of heartbreak and loss. This is because when we have a
loved one and when we are with them, we feel safe which is due to the
vagal-parasympathetic activation. This helps in relaxed breathing and
proper heart rate, activities that are related to the chest.

When you feel a muscular tension in your throat, jaw, or neck, it is
indicative of unresolved frustration or anger. This is because you are
holding back a temptation, probably to scream, and so your jaw feels
clenched and your teeth are grinding against each other.

If you are having a headache, then it is because of anxiety and stress.
Migraine headaches can occur due to an increase in stress levels. This
is because the blood vessels of our body start to dilate and this
results in a terrible headache, as per The Cleveland Clinic. If the
stress continues for a long time, it can also result in the headache
getting aggravated and becoming almost unbearable.

If you are having stomach issues like indigestion, nausea and a feeling
of malaise, then, it might be due to guilt or shame. When you are
anxious, there are hormones produced which go to your digestive tracks
and have an ill effect on the microorganisms in your gut. It will also
reduce the production of antibodies, as per the Anxiety and Depression
Association of America.

Shoulder pain can occur when you are feeling overwhelmed with some work
or at school. According to the online medical resource Healthgrades,
stress does not cause the pain in your shoulder but when you are
stressed, the constriction of the muscles will make it more painful. The
blood vessels will enlarge and result in your shoulder movements
becoming restricted. Sitting in front of the computer with a hunched
back can cause the pain to aggravate.

It’s no longer a myth that emotional pain can cause physical pain. This
just shows how our body and mind are connected. So, it’s necessary for
us to take care of our emotions as much as taking care of our body.
Health, after all, is the well-being of both our body and our mind.

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