5 Daily Fat Burning Tips For Weight Loss & 25 Min Full Body Workout

daily fat is easy, but learning how to lose weight fast is never easy
because there are many myths and facts toward this concept. Then, I had
to embark on a journey to figure out the best way to burn fat.

in this post, I am going to share with you the steps you need to take in
order to lose weight quickly and also give you the best workouts to
burn fat quickly.

But, let’s first clear out some myths towards weight loss!


Is It Possible To Lose Weight every day?

Well, in a short answer, YES, but is it safe?

It depends on the amount of weight you’re losing. If you are losing about 3 pounds per day then there is a problem. You will then need to see a specialist.

I see a lot of people going on these extreme fasting diet plans that seem to be working but when I look at it, I was able to spot something.

realized that these people are missing out on important nutrients. This
is because their diet plans cut out important food groups that are rich
in nutrients and vitamins.

Do Go Extreme, Eat These Zero Calorie Foods Instead.

And since this type of weight loss requires an extreme calorie deprivation, your body experiences a slower metabolism rate. This is because your body now goes straight to starvation mode.

Note: If
you are fasting or maybe want to fast, do not straight cut out more
than 500 calories of the food you eat. Go slow instead of extreme and
focus on the long run.

How Much Weight Must You Lose Daily?

I think it’s better to try and lose about 6 to 10% of your current body weight. In fact, there is no exact number because we all have different weights because of different factors.

What you need to do is to focus on the end goal. If you want to look a certain way, you need to be patient and also don’t forget to be consistent. 

lot of people fail in weight loss because they are very impatient… When
you want to lose weight, you can’t afford to be impatient.

This is because you’ll end up losing hope, then go out and start looking for rapid weight loss pills. And then end up falling for scams!.

If you want to lose weight, then you need a strong plan or a daily routine which is easy to maintain and fun to do.

How Can I Start A Daily Fat Burning Routine?

I’m so glad you asked. I came up with a 5 step process to get you
going. Although you won’t need to do these things daily you still need
to initiate them when starting out.

The 5 Steps To Daily Fat Loss

#1 Detoxification

If you have excess fat around your waist or maybe a little overweight, it’s probably caused by toxins that you’ve been eating and surrounding yourself with.

When your body becomes filled with too many toxins, the liver (the part of your body that does the detoxification process) will start to become less and less effective.

So you need to get yourself in the process of detoxification.
This means that you are going to engage yourself in a little rehab for
substance use, in this case, you are getting rid foods that contain too
many calories.

#2 Cut Down On Sugary Foods

I know that this one arguably falls under detoxification but I had to point it out.

is because sugar is probably the primary root cause of your weight
gain. For some people, it can be other things but sugar seems to be the
number 1 contributor in weight gain.

But why is sugar So Bad For You?

is not only tied to weight gain, but it is also responsible for other
health conditions such as abnormal glucose levels, chromium deficiency,
and others.

But not all sugar is bad though. We all know that
sugar tastes great and there are other benefits of eating sugar. The
problem arose when you have too much sugar.

In fact, processed sugars are the deadliest.

Okay, Honeyguide, what now? How can I reverse the effects of sugar?

The answer to that is easier than you think. You need to do a proper sugar detox and a full-body workout routine.

keep this post short and straight to the point, I will not write
everything in this post but I will however give you the direction you
need to take.

I have written a blog post about Sugar detox, you can find it here.

The next step is my third point, working out.

#3 The Daily 25 min Full Body Workout Routine

out has always been the best tool used for burning excess fat, but
working out alone is never enough. But I will cover that in a moment.

Although I currently do not have a youtube channel right now(At the writing of this post), I have a video for you that has helped me shed a few pounds with workouts.

Here is a daily fat burning full body workout you should try!

I’ve been a fan of Chloe Ting for
some time now and this video has always been one of my favorite. You
can check her channel later if you don’t have the time now.

You can do these Daily fat burning exercises in the comfort of your home, meaning that you won’t have to go to the gym.

#4 Drink More Water

Wait, what? Does H2O really help with weight loss?

First of all, water is a good replacement for drinks that are high in calories.

And in my experience, water has always been an appetite suppressor. When I want to reduce the amount of calorie intake I have daily, I always drink water before meals.

This means that I will be eating a lot less food than I would usually eat. One more thing about water is that it will keep you hydrated at all times.

usually drink about 2 liters of water daily or a bit more. In fact, it
depends on the day. When I’m active and exercising and stuff, I drink
more water.

Meaning that I will be sweating a bit more and getting rid of more of unwanted toxins.

#5 Get A Working Diet Plan!

Getting a working diet plan will not only help you lose weight, but you will also be able to maintain the weight loss.

you hate it when each and every year you embark on a weight loss
journey? It can be devastating. And on top of that, you won’t get to eat
your favorite foods because of fear of adding more weight!


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