4 Powerful Secrets to Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreams are the dreams in which you are conscious that you are dreaming. Such dreams are usually very clear and give a great sense of freedom. Although we all get a few lucid dreams in a life time, one can cultivate the ability to lucid dream and become a lucid dreamer on a regular basis. Dreams, and the ancient Art of Dreaming is a Royal road to self knowledge. The art and science of lucid dreaming was an important part of the culture of old civilizations and is still practiced in many tribal societies. All the prophets were lucid dreamers, and you too can become lucid in your dreams. It is a skill that can be learned and developed, just like any skill.

One never fully controls one’s dreams, but you can choose before you fall asleep to accomplish certain tasks in your dreams; you can decide to go to certain destinations, meet with certain individuals or spirits and gather information. You begin with dream recollection and proceed to lucidity.

Remember that ultimately, you are the judge of the meaning of your dreams. Lucid dreaming will energize you, lift your spirit and give you access to spiritual knowledge. So, start practicing tonight!

The following are well tested methods which are bound to work:

1. Keep a dream diary next to your bed. Upon waking in the morning, stay a while in bed, without moving and reflect on your dreams. Then, without opening you eyes, turn around or change the position of your body and continue to reflect. This will bring to the surface of your mind new fragments of your dreams. Now, open your eyes and move gently to fetch your diary. Record your dreams in the present tense: I am dreaming that I do this and that… I see this and that… and I feel these sensations in my body… etc… No interpretations, until you have finished the recording.

2. Set up your alarm clock next to your bed to wake you in the morning a couple of hours prior to your usual rising time. Get up, or stay awake for about 10 minutes. Then go back to sleep. This would make the last portion of your sleep lucid, provided that you intend it.

3. Do a reality check during the day. From time to time, ask yourself out loud the following question: Am I dreaming? This practice will get carried over into your dream state and you will be doing it in your sleep. Then, when in your dreams impossible events occur, your habitual question will pop up and you will find yourself doing a reality check. You may see people with two heads and a tail, a flying cow, a girl who jumps up but does not land back, green elephants, etc. You may find yourself walking through walls, diving for long periods of time without the need to breathe and other impossible feats. The reality check will happen automatically and will trigger the realization that you are, indeed, dreaming. At this point, tell yourself: Be Calm! Your dream will now become lucid and you will be able to proceed and act in it consciously, without waking up. Fly, or go visit someone.

4. Find your hands in your dreams. During the day, look at the palms of your hands a few times and say in your mind, or even better out loud: “I am going to find my hands in my dreams, tonight.” Repeat a few times. Then in bed, before you fall asleep, look at your palms again and say: I am going to find my hands in my dreams tonight and remember it. Repeat a few times…Eventually, you will find your hands in your dreams, but they will look different — larger than in everyday life and made of light. You will then realize that you are dreaming. Stay calm and proceed to go to any destination you want. There is no limit. From that point on, you will have lucid dreams on a regular basis.

I’ll be waiting for you over the rainbow.

Source: “How To Become a Lucid Dreamer”, from wakingtimes.com, by Gloria Eagle

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