4 Ideas for Practicing Self-Care

This was how my mental health had affected me. I’d wish to stay at
home longer, skipped college and meetups with million excuses. Any
slightly uncomfortable situation would shiver up my nerves, making me
unable to communicate.

the help of two counselors and psychiatrists, it took me the next 2
years to heal emotionally, bring myself to eat properly, go out and get
back to my usual life.

There are, of course, a few things and
habits I had picked up from my friends and well-wishers which had made
impactful changes in my schedules.

Nerve problems and mental
health take time to recover, and these habits make sure you don’t reel
back to where you started fighting from.

1. Communicate

depression can strip us away from the little happy things in life. In
the beginning, you might wish to stay away from friends. But these are
people are our pillars who are there at any point in our lives, good or
worse. If you feel like you’re emotionally drowning, reach out to pals
and see their dedication. They will help you out, make your gloomy days
better and who knows, show you better ways to combat all your fears.
2. Keep a Journal

down your day’s happenings daily. If that becomes too tedious, make
small marks each day with color pencils, each color showing different
emotions, Red meaning anger or yellow meaning a peaceful day. This will
show how your emotional strength is building up.
3. Create Nifty DIY Products

are many DIY videos that can make you go, ‘woah we can do that?’. Well,
hop on and make it happen. Your mind is completely active will pry it
away from being gloomy and also have a good effect on self-love.
4. Choose Your Favorite Habit

you like playing the harmonica, make it a daily habit. his will relieve
you of stress by doing what you love the most. Treat this daily moment
as your free time, where you can be yourself truly. Habits show the
different personalities of different people. Yours is special.

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