3 Things Your Tongue is Trying to Reveal About Your Health

The tongue diagnosis stems from the ancient medical practice of
Ayurveda, a system that supports overall health through careful
observation of the body and mind.

Its premise is that we are made up of varying proportions of natural
elements – air, earth, fire, water, and ether, that compose the 3
primary constitutional types, ‘dosha’s’: Vata (air and ether), Kapha
(earth and water) and Pitta (fire and water).

The Vata tongue is a bit rough and dry, thinner, and smaller, and the
Pitta tongue is medium in size, slightly dry, and redder in color. The
Kapha tongue is pinkish, larger, full, and a bit wet.

CracksCracks are usually at the center or rear of the tongue and
indicate a leaky gut or an intestinal malabsorption, allergies or food

MucousThe tongue has its normal film on it but is the mucous is
greasy, thick, yellow or white, it might be a sign of a mucous build-up
and toxins in the bowels. In case it is accumulated in the middle of the
tongue, it is a symptom of an issue with the small intestine, and if at
the rear of the tongue, you have a colon problem.

Brown or Black Fuzz
Dark hairs on the tongue can be extremely
nasty but is not a sign of a major concern. According to Jack
Der-Sarkissian, MD, a family physician with Kaiser Permanente in
Southern California:

“Typically [black and hairy tongue] is brought on by smoking, drinking
coffee and dark teas, or poor dental hygiene. Removing the offending
cause, like smoking, and brushing the tongue or using a tongue scraper,
may be all you need.”

Teeth Impressions on the Sides of the Tongue
This is a symptom of a
poor digestion or absorption of minerals. The cracks and teeth imprints
are a symptom of an issue in the intestines, and teeth imprints can
also indicate low stomach acid.

Persistent red lesions
This can be an early sign of tongue cancer,
but do not panic right away, and make sure you do not confuse them with
a canker sore, patches, or red lesions, that resolve themselves within a
few weeks. What you need to do is to immediately check it and diagnose
the cause of the issue.

Keeping the tongue clean will support the health of the internal organs.
Therefore, make sure you scrape it once or twice daily using a tongue
scraper, and you will detoxify it, stimulate digestion, and the function
of all body organs. Moreover, its daily observation is a useful
preventative tool that will help you avoid serious health issues, and
any positive changes will monitor your progress in terms of health.

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