3 texting secrets that men can’t resist

Texting is a great way to express your feelings. It’s quick, no pressure
and versatile enough to accommodate any type of message.

You feel like casually saying “Hi!”? Text away.

Feeling somewhat romantic? How about some hugs and kisses?

However accommodating texting might be, women have the tendency to get
carried away when talking to the opposite sex. We either write too much
or too little, spend an uncomfortable amount of time figuring out what
to say, and usually get mad when we don’t receive the expected reply.

Fortunately, men are somewhat predictable. That is why we’ve compiled 3
great tips for how to write text messages to guys and get them
interested in what you’re saying. Responses guaranteed.

#1. Don’t Be Boring

Don’t be afraid to be funny. Guys (and girls) get bored quickly and like
to flirt and have fun. So, instead of a boring “Hi. How’s it going?”,
start a chat by inserting a cute meme with a funny caption. That will
show him that you’re creative, interesting and that you have a great
sense of humor.

#2. Don’t Ask Him Direct Questions

Don’t give him the opportunity to refuse your invitation. If you ask him
directly to come and see you or go out with you, he may just send you
an excuse and choose to stay at home and play computer games.

If you want to see him, just text something like “We’re having fun, you
should come!”. Don’t put pressure on him or give him time to think about
whether he wants to see you or not. Yes, it’s sneaky and it could be
considered baiting, but it works.

#3. Define Your Boundaries

Flirt with him but still defend your standards. If he wants a few hours
of your time, let him know that you are not that kind of girl, but you
could go on a date with him. He will appreciate your character and
respect you even more. If he doesn’t, he was not worth your time.

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