3 Simple Female Endomorph Workout Plans for Fat Loss

With the perfect curves and cuts at all the right places,
endomorph females have been considered as a paradigm of beauty for a
long time. But as an endomorph, you need to tone up and slim down to
flaunt your gorgeous curves. This wouldn’t be so hard if you follow some
simple yet clever endomorph workout plans.

Three Body Types

Stop whatever you are doing for a minute and take a look at
people around you. What do you see? No two people have the same built
and body. But if you pay a little more attention, you may notice that
there are certain similarities in body shapes.

The majority of people around you can be grouped into any one of the following three body types:


This body shape is characterized by a low body fat and a
relatively thin frame. Ectomorphs find it difficult to put on weight and
get away with overeating without gaining any significant weight. Other
characteristics of an ectomorph include:

A flat chest
A super-fast metabolism
Small shoulders
With an average bone structure, mesomorphs are more athletic and
muscular than ectomorphs. Building lean muscle is probably the easiest
job for mesomorphs but they are equally prone to putting on weight.

Some other characteristic features of a mesomorph include:

Fast responses to exercise
Low body fat
Fast at sprinting
Symmetrical physiques
With a broad body frame and sharp curves, endomorphs find it hard
to lose weight. They have a relatively shorter build and a high tendency
to store fat. The features of an endomorph female are discussed below
in detail.

The Endomorph Female Body

Being an endomorph female is not always a pleasant experience.
Endomorph women often times just feel fat. Finding the right pair of
jeans is a nightmare. And even thinking about chocolate or donuts adds a
few pounds to your body.

Physical Characteristics of Endomorph Women

Most female endomorphs can be described as small-waisted,
curvaceous, pear-shaped, and sometimes full-figured. Endomorphs
generally have rounder bodies, medium to large bone structures, short
limbs, and small shoulders.

Endomorph females naturally lack an even distribution of body fat.
They usually carry most of their weight in the lower parts of the body
such as hips, thighs, and lower abdomen. This pattern of fat
distribution makes it extremely hard for them to lose weight. However,
with correct training and healthy nutrition, positive results can be

As an endomorph female, you naturally have a high percentage of
body fat and much less muscle mass. Meaning sometimes endomorph women
might be heavy and round, but not always fat.

Metabolic Characteristics of Endomorph Women

As far as the metabolic characteristics are concerned,
endomorph body types usually have an increased sensitivity for insulin
and carbohydrates. This means that their bodies break down carbs to form
sugar which is more likely to be stored as fat than to be used for

As a result, most of the endomorphs end up having a high
percentage of body fat. This also puts them at a greater risk for
developing certain health issues like infertility, problems of the
gallbladder, diabetes, heart diseases, depression, and even cancer.

Endomorph females also tend to have sluggish metabolisms. This
means that most of the food they eat goes straight to their fat stores,
making it even more difficult for them to shed pounds.

Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of all these troubles.

Keep reading to learn about the best endomorph workout plans to lose fat and build lean muscle

Best Female Endomorph Workout: Cardio

As an endomorph female, your body is somewhat reluctant to gain
muscle or become lean. It wants to stay round, soft and comfortable.
Forcing it to do what you want requires consistency, dedication, and
tons of hard work.

To cut back on body fat and prevent yourself from gaining weight,
interval training with cardio is imperative. There are two types of
cardio exercises, each with its own set of benefits.

Low-Intensity Steady State Cardio (LISS)
Low-intensity steady state (LISS) cardio is basically any
cardio-based workout performed at a low intensity for a long period of
time. The average duration of LISS cardio is 30 to 60 minutes.

Low-intensity cardio does not require a lot of exertion. It
includes exercises which are relatively easier to perform like walking,
cycling, and swimming at a relaxed level for at least half an hour. It
is a perfect exercise for someone who is new to fitness and exercise and
cannot handle more strenuous routines.

Light-intensity cardio is great for an endomorph female because:

It helps burn calories
It reduces fat on legs
It prevents bulking up
LISS cardio for endomorphs should be performed 2 or 3 times per week.

High-Intensity Interval Training
High-intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio is a more strenuous
type of exercise that requires you to alternate between bouts of
intense activity followed by less-intensive periods.

For example, sprinting at a fast pace for 10-20 seconds followed
by walking for 1 minute is a perfect example of HIIT cardio. This
exercise routine obviously requires more stamina but can help accelerate
fat loss, especially on your lower body.

If you are short, performing this exercise twice every week can even help you get leaner legs.

Fasted Cardio

Fasted cardio is another simple way to promote fat burning and
lose pounds. It basically involves working out on an empty stomach.

Exercising in a fasted state-when your body is no longer digesting
or processing food-can actually benefit an endomorph female. It can
increase fat oxidation and lipolysis while decreasing insulin levels in
the blood. [1] These two processes urge your body to break down fatty
cells and use them as energy.

When the body is at rest, especially during sleep, the blood
insulin level gradually begins to drop. This means that the body
switches to fat as an energy source instead of carbohydrates, ultimately
leading to weight loss.

 endomorph workout

Best Female Endomorph Workout:  Weight Training
Weight training is the main staple for every female endomorph
workout plan. Since your main goal is to build muscle, boost your
metabolism, and improve overall health, it is absolutely essential to
strength train.

This means pushing every muscle of your body way out of its
comfort zone and overloading it to force growth. This can be established
by performing bodyweight exercises and/or lifting weights.

For endomorphs wishing to use their energy and time in the best possible way, full body compound exercises are the way to go.

Compound exercises refer to multi-joint movements involving
several muscles or muscle groups at a time. A good example is a squat
exercise. Squats engage a several muscles of the lower body, such as the
hamstrings, the lower back, the glutes, and the quadriceps.

Some of the most common types of compound exercises include
lunges, chest press, pull-ups, shoulder press, dips, rows, kettlebell
swings, and deadlifts.

Compound exercises can have several advantages such as:

They help your body burn more calories throughout the entire length of workout
They simulate real-world activities and movements
They can help you lose weight while decreasing the risk of injury from sports
They may improve reaction time, coordination, and overall balance
They make it possible for you to get a full-body workout in a lesser time.
It is important to acknowledge that all types of workouts are not
created equal. Using compound movements against isolation ones may have a
significant impact on your gains and results.

Endomorph females should perform higher reps with lighter weights
to increase fat burning. Perform 3 to 5 sets per exercise depending upon
your body strength and the ability to recover. A typical high-rep
workout usually includes 4 sets per exercise.

To burn fat in your body and gain lean muscle, include 3 to 4 weight training sessions in your weekly schedule.

3 Sample Endomorph Female Workout Plans 

Here are three example endomorph exercise intends to get you lean
and fit as a fiddle. You can visit our activity asset page for demos on
the most proficient method to play out these activities.

Advance Endomorph Workout 

Endomorphs for the most part have incredible perseverance, sheer
quality and a colossal potential to change their bodies. Streamlining
your female endomorph exercise plan with the correct choice of eating
routine can work like enchantment for you.

As an endomorph female, it is significant not to devour too
numerous or too little calories. You should be in a slight calorie
shortfall, however recall not to try too hard as you will work out

What to Eat? 

Make sound fats and proteins your new closest companions. As an
endomorph female you have to guarantee that you are eating an eating
routine wealthy in sound fats and lean protein with constrained sugars.

Some great wellsprings of protein to incorporate into your every
day supper plan are turkey, fish, chicken, protein powder, soybeans, and
eggs. Great wellsprings of solid fats incorporate seeds, nuts, olive
oil, avocados, and salmon.

What not to Eat? 

Lamentably, carbs are not perfect for endomorphs. Your body type
can’t pull off a high-carb diet without putting on weight. However, this
doesn’t mean you ought to totally abstain from eating them.

Adhere to a low carb diet and maintain a strategic distance from
handled sustenances, for example, white pastas, white rice, and white

Some great wellsprings of sugars to adhere to incorporate oats, dark colored rice, white potato, and verdant greens.

Perfect Macro supplements 

Since your body endures protein and fats superior to carbs, the
accompanying large scale supplement breakdown would be the most
reasonable for you.

  • 30% proteins
  • 20-25% sugars
  • 45-half fat

While you are following this eating regimen plan, make a point to
eat sugars with high fiber, for example, vegetables and organic

The every day prerequisite for fiber is around 15g per 1000
calories. So in the event that you are eating 1500 calories for each
day, you should eat at least 22.5 grams of fiber.

Fiber is additionally basic for the upkeep of stomach related
procedures and body weight. Counting it into your eating routine ought
to be a need.

Endomorphs must ensure that their exercises are custom fitted to
their hereditary attributes. On the off chance that you might want to
download these exercise designs in a decent pdf, kindly complete the
structure underneath and we will give you moment get to.

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