3 Reasons Men Go Absolutely CRAZY For Big, Beautiful Plus-Size Women

Curves, curves, and more curves.
I’m a young, good looking (I’ve been told this, by women and men), college educated, employed man. And I just so happen to have a preference for plus-size women.

Now, I’m betting I’m getting reactions from two “sectors” of readers. The first sector is saying, “So, you think you deserve a medal because you like big women? That’s not something you’re supposed to brag about.

You’re actually fat-shaming these by declaring your love for them.”

The second sector is saying, “You like fat women … so what? Why write about that?”
For those in the first aisle of bleachers, I decided to write about my adoration of curvy women because there may be more than a few of them out there who don’t know that there are attractive men who want to date them, or lust after them … or marry them.

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have had to write this article. Women of size wouldn’t be treated differently than their thin counterparts. But we live in an imperfect, unfair existence, and shapely women sometimes don’t get the public fawning that smaller women do. It may not be the experience of every plus-size girl, but it is for far too many.

For those of you of the second opinion, my intent isn’t to waste your time. I don’t want to interrupt you watching another World Star video on Facebook. But I figure if I tell you about the kind of women that drive me crazy (in a good way), then maybe it will inspire someone else to share an account of what makes their heart skip a beat.

And I can’t lie, there’s a little buccaneer spirit behind the creation of this article. Maybe my crazy story might spark discussion on social media. The very concept of beauty could be dissected and deconstructed!

I doubt that this piece will cause that kind of action, but I do feel it’s important that a man comes out and says, loudly, that he digs BBWs (Big Beautiful Women). But what is it about plus-size ladies that turns me on? Let me count way the ways…

1. They’re confident and comfortable in their own skin.

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1. They’re confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Many plus-size women have natural confidence, much like their thinner counterparts, but many bigger women may not. These women usually develop confidence over time, and it’s hard-earned confidence.

Unfortunately, a large number of curvy women may have had to go through abuse (mental, and possibly physical) and ridicule in their younger, and even adult years. That’s beyond sad but what’s actually wonderful about this sh*tty treatment is that once these ladies get through it, brush themselves off, and thrive, they end up possessing an air of confidence that’s regal, special, and magical.

And it’s really f*cking sexy. Ever seen a curvy queen stroll through a party, and slay, effortlessly? I have — and it’s hot. I totally respect it. It’s earned confidence that also doubles as a victory lap for a woman who’s determined to win at life. And I can’t get enough.

2. Their curves are super-hot.
Curves, curves, and more curves do it for me. There’s something about a shapely figure, individual style, and again, confidence, that drives me wild. Not that I don’t notice thin women. I do. I have. Full disclosure: I’ve dated thin women in my time, but my preference is BBW.

3. Their butts are to die for.
Seriously. ​I’m a lifelong butt man. Smaller women can have nice fannies, but no one does junk in the trunk like plus-size women. If a guy doesn’t turn his head when a hot BBW walks past wearing leggings, he’s blind. Or gay. Or crazy. He’s not one of my homeboys.
Plus-size women rock and I want everyone to know.

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