3 Minutes Before Going To Bed, Do This Simple Exercises To Slim Down Your Legs

people love to exercise; they get into fitness and work out several
times a week. Some of us though, would rather watch Netflix and chill
out instead of head to the gym.

In defense of those who detest
physical activity, it’s not always the most exciting and fulfilling of
things to do. What we all share in common is we want to see results from
our efforts no matter how minuscule. Whether you’re a gym fanatic who
hits the gym multiple times a week or couch potato, who finds all manner
of excuses to avoid exercise, thankfully, there are easy and yes, quick
exercises we can do to target those troublesome areas. You know, our
tummy, inner thighs, and upper body. These exercises we discuss below
mainly focus on the legs because we tend to neglect them. We need to
develop our leg muscles to have a complete body workout.

face it, toned legs look good, and they’re a source of strength. We rely
on our legs to help us complete the most minor to the more laborious of
tasks. Leg workouts can help in weight loss and prevent injury to the
lower body. Here are four exercises that will help you build up your leg
muscles. They’ll also maintain your overall health.

exercises target your knees and help strengthen your core, buttocks,
your calves and can even help increase your metabolism. They can also
improve your balance because you’re performing it on one leg at a time.

to perform the exercise: Stand with: ” your legs about shoulder-width
apart. Lifting one leg, bring your knee up towards your chest, holding
for a second or two before lowering your leg back to the floor. Seems
easy, right? Next, bring your opposite leg upwards in the same motion
and continue to move back and forth between your right and left side.”

arch or round your lower back. Keep your pelvis stationary as an
improper form can cause back strain. This exercise can help your inner
thigh muscles and your outer hips too. Balancing on one leg helps your
calf, quadriceps, hamstrings and buttock muscles on the standing leg.

full squats are better for your knees, and they’re better than parallel
squats. Many who do this exercise prefer parallel squats because they
either can’t get their butt below their knees or have trouble completing
the motion. They might be able to do part of the movement, but they
might have difficulty keeping their feet flat on the ground.

has proven there’s no difference between parallel and full squats, but
full squats can help in knee stabilization when done correctly.

do this exercise the right way, you almost need to take up a crouching
position. You must keep your feet flat on the floor, or you’re not doing
it right.

Deep squats can help strengthen the muscles in your
ankles. It promotes good flexibility in the ankles and hips too. It’s
especially good for your hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and of course,
glutes. It’s even been known to help lessen back pain.

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