21-Day Morning Challenge That Can Help You Reduce Fat

Exercising in the morning has so many benefits like helping you wake up
easier and assisting you in your weight loss efforts. When you are done
with this morning training routine, your body will burn calories quicker
throughout the whole day, regardless of whether you are sitting in the
office or watching a movie in the evening.

The 21-Day Weight Loss ChallengeIn only 3 weeks, you will get rid of all
surplus fat and shed pounds easily. You will not have to spend a
fortune on equipments or gym memberships. You will just need a mat and a
gym timer that you can download as an app on your phone.

The Exercises
In the first week, the exercises should last for half a minute and you
need to take a 15-second break in between exercises. You should make two

During the second week, the duration of the exercises should be 55
seconds and you need to make 15-second pauses in between the exercises.
Do two repetitions.

In the last week, the exercises need to last for 80 seconds and you need to take 10-second breaks in between the exercises.

Do 3 repetitions.

1. Burpees
2. Inch worms
3. Mountain climbers
4. Squats
5. Skaters

Stay motivated and you can achieve your goals. If you are struggling
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