20 Things Happy Couples Don’t Do!

There are things that are not accepted in the society: some of them are
contrary to moral and ethical norms, and some people simply do not want
to share. This is also about talking of the happiness of people, because
it, as you know, loves silence. However, how can you understand if you
are a happy couple or you have something to work on?

1. Happy couples do not complain about the relationship to their relatives and friends.
2. Happy couples do not compare themselves to other people.
3. They do not blame the partner for their own problems.
4. They do not take themselves too seriously.
5. These people do not criticize each other too much.
6. Happy couples do not ignore the financial side of their relationship.
7. They do not try to read the thoughts of their partner.
8. They do not start a serious conversation at the wrong time.
9. These people do not fixate on their role in the relationship.
10. They are not set up negatively.

11. Happy couples do not follow the advice of romantic movies.
12. They do not hurry up.
13. They do not expect that their relationship will immediately solve all the problems.
14. They do not expect that being a couple is easy.
15. They do not hesitate.
16. These people do not keep secrets from each other.
17. They are not afraid to admit whom they are.
18. They do not live in the past.
19. Happy couples do not focus on the shortcomings of their partner.
20. They do not expect anything in return.

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