16 Things All Women Can Relate To When They’re On Their Period

What’s the worst time of the month? PERIODS! As soon as they
come, you know you’re going to be in for a rollercoaster ride that’s
packed with a whirlwind of emotions, a flood of pain, and some massive
discomfort! And there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Your only solace
lies in finishing giant bars of chocolate and curling up on your bed,
just waiting for it to go away and not show itself again. At least until
next month.

in the end, you know you’re not alone. After all, the journey you go
through for those odd 4 or 5 days each month is something that all women
experience. So, here are 16 period-day happenings every single woman
can relate to!
1. Emotions Go For A Toss

boyfriend just doesn’t get the fact that at this time, you’re like a
ticking bomb with a smiley face painted on it, just waiting to explode!
You can switch from angry to laughing/crying hysterically in seconds.

2. Your Period Comes Knocking On Your Door Unexpected

you had calculated and you still had a good 3 days left, which means
you could’ve totally enjoyed the concert! But, periods. They don’t like
to see us happy so they come unannounced when we don’t have a tampon or
pad on us.

3. The Unbearable Pain

Periods hurt.
Period. The cramps don’t go away even after the hellishly torturous
first day, and on top of that, sleep doesn’t come easy because of the

4. Not Pregnant. Yay!

One of the perks of getting menses is that you get a free ‘I’m not pregnant’ report, which really calls for a celebration.

5. Life Gets Bloody Depressing. Pun Intended.

you sneeze, fart or even just get up from the chair, there’s no
stopping that messy gush of blood that can be triggered by almost

6. When You’re Just Not Prepared.
and behold! Yet again periods strike when you don’t have any way of
getting a pad or a tampon. All you can do now is cover your behind with
your bag to hide any visible stains.

7. Beaches Are A Big No-No

pools too. And even rainy days. Basically, anywhere where there’s water
around for there’s always a risk of turning the blue water red.

8. Exercising? Nope.

exercising is supposed to help ease the cramps but is it even possible
to work out when your uterus hurts like hell? Nope, it’s not.

9. The Fear Of Having No Back-Up Arsenal

this time of the month, sanitary napkins turn into life-saving arsenal.
And the fear of losing them when you’re fishing out keys from your bag
is all too real.

10. Your Budget Shoots Up This Time

napkins, a big tub of ice cream, some bars of chocolate, a new hot
water bottle – these are just some of the things you need when you’re on
your time of the month.

11. When A Man Asks You If You’re On Your Periods

were acting all annoyed so that’s the only logical conclusion a man can
draw. As if mansplaining is something that’s totally non-existent.

12. You Lose Track Of Your Life

though it comes every month, you still don’t know how to act anymore
when periods happen. You constantly struggle between handling the pain
and trying to be normal, but yet you feel as though you’ve lost all
control over your body and mind.

13. That Moment When You Realize It’s Not Over

just got into that crazy, jumpy, happy mood and wore white for the
first time in a few days… But, bam! Your periods come for another very
red, mini-visit.

14. Sore, Painful Boobs
bring with themselves all sorts of pain and discomfort, and swollen
boobs just happen to be one of them. This is the ‘touch me not’ phase
for your breasts, where even putting a bra is too painful!

15. Oh, The Bloating

I said, all sorts of discomfort. As if the cramps and sore boobs
weren’t enough! Bloating during periods means forgetting your favorite
foods and your favorite pants. Basically, forgetting everything good.

16. When The Light Finally Shines At The End Of The Tunnel

feeling you get when your periods are finally over! It’s like being
born again since you can finally get out of the stretchy pants and back
to them skinny jeans!

Periods are one heck of a time in any
woman’s life. And just like most things, you can love ‘em or hate ‘em,
but you just can’t ignore ‘em!

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