16 Habits of Happy People

Happiness does not come from money, a perfect body, or even your ideal spouse.

Many say that true happiness comes from within – but is there a secret
to drawing this happiness outward? The truth is that happy people tend
to follow a few key habits, and these habits create equanimity, space,
and a sense of fulfillment in life, regardless of their exterior


Here are 16 habits of happy people:

1. They stay social

Keep the relationships that are a positive influence and make time to
visit with those individuals. Happy and successful people surround
themselves with like-minded individuals. This also means letting go of
any relationships that are negative or draining.

2. They don’t sweat the small stuff

Shake it off! If the problem you are upset about will be irrelevant
in a year, month, week, or even a day – why even bother to sweat it in
the first place?

3. They enjoy simple pleasures

The best things in life are free. Take time to notice the sunset,
flowers blooming, or a child’s laughter. When we take time to stop and
smell the roses, we enable ourselves to experience bursts of happiness.

4. They meditate

Even if it is for just 5 minutes a day – take time to meditate
to calm your nerves and support your inner peace. This will also help
you work through negative thoughts and emotions in a positive, healthy

5. They practice gratitude

A way to deal with stress and the bad moments is to approach each situation with gratitude.
By acknowledging what we are thankful for, we bring our focus back to
all the good that’s already in our lives, which is the basis for
attracting more good things.

6. They see things a bit diffently

Anytime the word “problem” comes into your mind, change your outlook
to see it as an opportunity to change your life for the better. Words
like “problem” and “impossible” can be easily erased from your
 People who are truly happy don’t have problems, they have
challenges. They don’t see things as impossible, they know that if they
want it bad enough it can be done.

7. They embrace reality

Nothing is ever perfect, and we have to learn to accept what we
cannot change. Happy people learn that in order to move forward, we need
to go through setbacks. Happy people are ok with this and accept it as
simply part of the process. 


8. They live in the present

Be present! Do not waste your energy by dwelling on something that
has already happened, or be anxious about something that may not happen
at all. Take the time to be in the here and now. You’ll experience so
much more out of life!

9. They don’t hold grudges

When you hold a grudge, you are holding onto negative emotions like
hate and anger. This takes up space and energy that could be spent on
something worthwhile. We need to forgive and forget to build upon our
foundation of happiness.

10. They don’t give excuses

Do not blame anyone else for your actions – take responsibility
instead. Remember to use failures as moments of opportunities and a time
for a change – this is empowering. Everything is figureoutable, so no

11. They treat themselves

When something really good happens, reward yourself! Happy people
treat themselves as someone that deserves to be celebrated. You are
worthy – remember that.

12. They dream big

Never limit yourself, or create restrictions. When you dream
big, you become more positive and optimistic, which gives you the push
and power to do absolutely anything you desire.

13. They take ownership

Never let anyone dictate how you should live your life! Taking
ownership in all areas of your life allows you to have much more control
over the outcome and is incredibly empowering and rewarding.

14. They eat well

Your body is a temple! Junk food can make you feel lazy and apathetic. When you eat right, your body feels right, which can help prime your mind and increase energy levels.
 Eat less sugar. You’re already sweet enough.

15. They are kind

This quote by Wendy Mass puts being kind into perspective: “Be kind,
for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”
Spreading kindness is contagious and it also produces feel-good

16. They do yoga

The time spent on your mat can make you feel more satisfied in
all areas of your life. Physical exercise has been proven to reduce
stress, and a consistent yoga practice also helps cultivate a positive
mindstate. Inversion poses in particular are great for stimulating your brain and increasing serotonin levels.

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