16 Experiences To Give Your Kids

If you’re looking to fill your kids lives with fantastically fun
experiences that will last a life time this Christmas, I’ve got you

I am sure your kids are like mine and have so many toys
you’re running out of room. Share this amazing list with grandparents
and anyone that wants to get your little ones something awesome this
holiday instead of more stuff.

1. Amusement park tickets

kids get tickets to our local amusement park each year from their
Grandma and it has given them more memories than any toy ever will.

2. Movie tickets
A favorite family memory of ours is going to the movies. Who doesn’t love popcorn and candy and a big screen?

3. Sporting event tickets

are a sports loving family and love spending time at the baseball
field. Soccer games, football games, hockey, even WWE. If your kids love
watching, go see it in person!

4. Pottery painting

We did this over the summer and the kids are still so proud of their masterpieces.

5. Spa day

My little girl adores heading to the salon for a hair cut and big “princess curls” as she calls them.

6. New family friend (dog, cat, lizard, hamster)
know you’ve got to be in a certain mindset to do this, but our new
family puppy has been so good for our kids and all the memories of
growing up next to a puppy are priceless.

7. Dress up clothes

little ones are growing up together with fond memories of dressing up
together and putting on hilarious shows. There is nothing more special
in their childhood than them giggling in their bedroom together, picking
out different things to wear and what song to sing next.

8. Music lessons
Let your kids explore their creative side with piano lessons, guitar lessons or any other fun instrument they want to learn.

9. Trampoline
If there is one thing we have bought that has given our kids tons of laughs and fun (and exercise!) it’s our trampoline.

10. Pool passes

We love spending summers at the pool! Not just during summer, but during the winter too at the local YMCA indoor pool.

11. Zoo passes

Visiting a zoo a time or too and seeing your favorite animals up close is so fun!

12. SkyZone passes
Any jumping place is a blast for kids and a great way to exercise, too!

13. Vacation
family vacations are my most favorite childhood memories. Tracking
across country in our van and stopping at random souvenir shops are the
stuff that sticks with us forever. But the small vacations are just as
good! Find some places within a couple hours and find all they have to

14. Rent a boat for a weekend
Spending a day or two out on the water (weather permitting, of course) will fill the kids with so much joy and memories.

15. Train, hot air balloon or helicopter ride
16 Experiences To Give Your Kids16. Items for a new family hobby

supplies for something the whole family can do together all the time!
Maybe binoculars for bird watching, bikes for bike riding, or a compass
for geo-caching. The opportunities are endless!

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