11 Unbelievable Facts About Sex You Need To Know

Even for a most experienced person sex sometimes can be confusing. So before having sex we should know the basics of sex.

exceptional facts can help a person to improve his / her sex life. So
here are a few surprising facts that can help you to get real pleasure
and satisfaction during sex.

1. If You Have Sex At Least Once Per Week, You Will Feel Happier

at Toronto – Mississauga University in Canada have discovered that the
happiness index of a couple will be the highest if they have sex

If they do it more than once, the result does not change much, and less than once per week will lead to dissatisfaction.

2. Adult Movies Make Men Better in Bed

a man wants to improve his abilities in bed, he should watch porn!
Contrary to the idea that watching adult movies adversely affects the
instincts of men,

a recent study by UCLA (USA) and
Concordia (Canada) pointed out that adult movies do not impact
negatively men’s sexual performance, but even support it. Among 127 male
volunteers, those who watch adult movies constantly can awaken his
instinct more easily than those who don’t or rarely watch it.

3. Women Often Wait Until the Fifth Date to Have Sex

to a survey, women will have sex on their fifth date. Women will wait
for 2 – 3 weeks before having sex with a man, and 32% of them say the
fifth date is the ideal time.

4. More Sleep Lead to More Sex

new study from the University of Michigan Sleep and Circadian Research
Laboratory finds that women who sleep an hour more per night than their
usual amount

according to the Daily Times-Gazette. You might also like: How To Build A Relationship With Someone


5. Tricks for Great First Date

you want to impress her right on your first date, listen to the opinion
of the researchers from Stanford University and the University of
California (USA).

Although it’s true that your
appearance and characteristics are more influential than what you say,
however, the more time you spend with her, the less important those
factors get.

Therefore, you should
learn some tricks: Smile along when she smiles, sometimes interrupts
her, ask her questions to show her your attention.

6. The More Chores a Man Do, the More Sex He Will Have

This could be the New
Year’s resolution of many men: Do more housework. A study which has been
conducted for 5 years by Alberta University, Canada, indicates that the
couples who share housework together have a better sex life than those
who don’t.

Therefore, you should pick up the broom and sweep your house now, and later you’ll receive sex as a thank-you gift.

7. If You Have Sex Frequently, You Can Earn More Money

Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge (UK), the researchers have
concluded that those who have sex 2 to 3 times per week earn 4.5% more
than those who have less sex.

Why? According to Dr.
Nick Drydakis, having frequent sex improves your mood, helps you avoid
depression and anxiety from outside, thereby work more effectively,
which leads to a higher salary.

8. Avoid Small, Soft on Your Online Profile

study published in Evidence-Based Medicine will help men know how to
make his online profile more impressive. Firstly, you should avoid
negative-sounding words such as Soft, Small.

you should not choose a name like Six Pack because women prefer
sophisticated and intelligent names. Besides, there should be at least
one picture of you smiling and squinting slightly.

There is an interesting fact that if in your picture, a girl smiling with you; it will make you much more attractive to women.

9. Men Possess Better Sperm Quality during Ejaculation With New Women

from Wooster University in Ohio (USA) conducted the experiment by
recruiting a total of 21 heterosexual men between the ages of 18 and 23
to watch seven sexually explicit videos in a private room every 48 to 75
hours for 15 days.

In the first six
videos, nothing changes, but in the seventh one, the main actress is
replaced. The findings revealed that the time it took participants to
ejaculate ranged between four and 21 minutes.

When it
came to the first six films, there was no habituation effect, which
means repeatedly viewing the same woman did not increase or decrease the
time to ejaculation.

However, they ejaculated faster and with higher quality when viewing the seventh film, which included a new woman.

10. All Women are Bisexual

you read it just right! A new study by the University of Essex in
England confirmed that although women are regarded as heterosexual, most
of them will get aroused when seeing erotic pictures of both men and

From a survey of 345 women
watching sexually provocative videos, they are easily inflamed by both
sexes; lesbians, on the other hand, are indifferent to pictures of men,
and straight men only react to naked women.

11. Beer Belly does not affect Your Sex Life

The good news of the year: a recent study indicates that men’s looks are not related to the frequency they have sex.

at Chapman University, California (USA) have shown that women prefer
not too tall guys, and your height is also not related to your abilities
in bed, AT ALL. And they also prefer little overweight men to skinny
ones. So, go and love your fridge!

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