11 Scientific Ways To Get Rid Of Wrinkles That Every Woman Needs To Know

The cosmetic industry tries hard to convince people that wrinkles are natural and inevitable part of aging. However, you don’t need to accept them as such, as you have the power to regain clear and smooth skin.

Causes of Wrinkles and Fine Lines

With a slower metabolism, the skin cells don’t produce moisture as needed,  and they fail to replace the elastin and collagen that make the skin flexible, string, and firm.  At this point, wrinkles form.

There are others reasons that contribute to formation of fine lines and wrinkles from the neck up…

  • Smoking’s another big cause of increased skin aging and a loss of tone and color
  • Drinking alcohol dehydrates the body, especially the skin
  • Environmental pollution can force your body to use up antioxidants like vitamin E
  • Poor sleep and a bad diet weaken your skin
  • Too much sugar in your diet also accelerates wrinkle formation

Home Remedies for Face and Neck Wrinkles

1. Eliminate sugar from your diet

Eliminating sugar, especially refined one, is crucial when it comes to reducing the appearance.  This ingredient is known to make the skin weak and to destroy collagen.

2. Eat Natural, Organic Food
Fruits and veggies are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  Amino acids and proteins are also very important, so make sure you supplement in case you don’t eat meat.  Nuts are great option as they are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and protein.

3. Eat Chocolate
Eat dark chocolate, which contains little to no sugar, but is packed with chemicals that protect the skin.

4. Exfoliate Your Skin


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Exfoliate the skin regularly to remove dead skin cells and promote rejuvenation of skin cells.

5. Moisturize Regularly
Avoid skin products that contain petroleum, phthalates and parabens, which stress the skin. Look for products that use organic nutrients and moisturizers.

6. Apply Topical Vitamin C
The skin needs vitamin C to maintain its structure and build collagen. It has been scientifically shown that topical vitamin C reduces age and fine lines, while protecting the skin against sun`s UVB rays.

5 Natural Skin Care Tips to Reduce Wrinkles on Your Face and Neck
Here are 5 natural skin care tips to reduce wrinkles on the face and neck:

1. Avocado Mask
Avocado moisturizes, cleans, and protects the skin.  Its vitamin C content promotes smooth and tones skin while vitamin A slows aging.

Mash one avocado and apply on the face. Wait for ten minutes and rinse with warm water afterwards.

2. Cucumber Mask
Puree together cucumber and yogurt, apply on the face, and leave for fifteen minutes before rinsing it off. The cucumber soothes while yogurt nourishes and moisturizes.

3. Egg White Mask
Eggs whites are an excellent source of protein for tissue repair, magnesium that stimulates skin cells and potassium which hydrates.

Mix an egg white with a teaspoon of orange juice and a teaspoon of turmeric to soothe the skin and lighten any dark spots.

4. Raw Honey and Yogurt
Yogurt contains lactic acid that exfoliates while raw honey cleanses and hydrates.  Mix equal amounts of the ingredients and apply to the face.  Leave for ten minutes prior rinsing it off.

5. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil offers a wide range of skin benefits, from lightening dark spots and moisturizing to reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  Simply rub a little bit of the oil on the fingers and apply under the eyes.

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