10 Weird Things You May Think Are Unsexy But Men Find Really Hot

There are almost certainly things about you or things that you do
that you think are, well, let’s say less than sexy. It’s not that you
think you’re the grossest or the ugliest or anything like that, it’s
just that you are more than sex appeal. There are still workouts to
power through, bodily functions to deal with, and other things to
grapple with that can get in the way of feeling the “hottest” sometimes,
you know? What you may not have considered, however, is that there are
plenty of weird things that you think are unsexy, but men find really hot. Or, maybe you don’t find them unsexy,
but they’re certainly not things you think of as definitely sexy — they
just don’t carry a whole lot of weight on the sexy scale in either
direction. Some men, however, find them pretty attractive, regardless of
your feelings on the subject.


From body parts that many people
would feel aren’t their best, to activities that aren’t so sexy, to
overall looks that exude comfort over sex appeal, some of the things
that men find really hot just might surprise you. Embrace you: your
personality, your traits, your life — it doesn’t matter what men find
attractive, but it’s still interesting (and surprising) to find that
some of these things can do the trick.

1. Your Laugh

As Dr. Maria Sophocles, an assistant
professor at the University of Basel (Switzerland) and a member of the
Intimina Medical Advisory Board, told Woman’s Day in the
aforementioned article, some men find your guffawing to be really hot.
You might be self-conscious about your boisterous laughing, but you
don’t have to be.

2. Ovulation

Ovulation is sexy? If you’re trying to get pregnant, for instance, it
might be, but what about the rest of the time? It’s probably not
something you think is just inherently hot. You might be surprised to
learn, then, that men find women more attractive when they’re ovulating.
According to ABC News, researchers at the University of Texas in Austin
found that men find an ovulating woman’s scent more pleasant than at other times of the month. Weird, right?

3. Messy Hair

hair is a mess with a capital M because you walked through a wind
tunnel on your way home from work or you went to a hot yoga class or
maybe you just woke up after a long, restful night’s sleep. According to
the previously mentioned Cosmopolitan article, some men find
messy hair sexy. Whether you tried so hard to perfect that messy bun or
it happened that way by accident, guys find it hot.

4. Eating Messy Meals

might think you’ll be embarrassed if you eat a messy burger or plate of
spaghetti while on a date, especially if you haven’t been together that
long, but, according to Glamour, some men find a woman eating messy foods sexy, thinking that it means that you’re not afraid to get a little bit dirty.

5. Your Deep Voice

According to the previously
mentioned Reddit thread, many guys find deeper voices to be really hot,
even though, from time to time, you might be a little bit embarrassed by
it. Own it, it’s yours!

6. Baseball Caps

toss a baseball cap on your head on the way out the door to cover dirty
hair? Me too. According to the aforementioned article from Cosmopolitan,
men like when women wear baseball caps. Whether you like sports or not,
this is a convenient look, but, as it turns out, also one that’s a lot
less sloppy than you may have thought.

7. Bags Under Your Eyes

Good news out there for all the over-worked, under-rested women rocking bags under their eyes. According to Women’s Health, a Reddit user said that “racoon”-eyed bags under the eyes look is one that they find “adorable.”
Many women, however, don’t really love that look so much, so if you
want to continue to conceal those under-eye bags, keep doing what you’re

8. Concentrating On Something Other Than Him

have your own life and spend your time doing things you want to do
beyond what you’re doing together. If you’re focused on something and
can’t be bothered to look up to pay attention to whatever they’re doing
because you’re, you know, focused, that’s something that some men find
super attractive, according to the previously mentioned article from Glamour.
You don’t have to drop what you’re doing and snap to attention all the
time. You’re focused, you’re determined, and they like that.

9. Moles Or Scars

You might be a little bit embarrassed by your moles or scars, thinking they’re flaws, or maybe you just don’t really consider them at all. Some men, however, quite like them. As one man told Redbook, moles and scars can make you look unique and that’s attractive

10. Making Fun Of Him

While you probably shouldn’t only
make fun of him (for what I hope are obvious reasons), apparently a
little bit of mocking is pretty sexy. According to the previously
mentioned Glamour article, a bit of merciless mocking is
sometimes how men know they’ve met their match (in a good way). Just
make sure you can take a little bit of mocking, too. It goes both ways.

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