10 Vegetarian Food Items That Are Actually Non-Vegetarian

Rightly said that Vegetarians have limited options when it comes to
food than Non-Vegetarians. You would be wondering why we are talking
about Vegetarians and Nonvegetarians today. All of us definitely miss
going to restaurants to enjoy the yummy meals with our friends. Most
importantly we miss going to restaurants with that one vegetarian friend
in the entire group who always has difficulties in deciding what to
order from the menu. And lands up eating a nonveg meal thinking its pure
veg meal. 


Let’s give some shocking news to that one
vegetarian friend who has always been eating nonvegetarian food
thinking that it’s pure veg.


is a list of vegetarian food which you would have been eating all the
time when you would have gone to a Non- vegetarian restaurant. 

1) Manchow Soup 

all would be very familiar with the Manchow soup. It’s delicious and
everyone would prefer to order this. It’s available in Veg and Nonveg.
But the saddest truth is a lot of restaurants used Tom Yum sauce which
is a fish sauce. So, it’s a request to all the vegetarians to check with
the restaurant before ordering it. 

2) Naan 

is our favorite and all of us would eat naan.  A Lot of us would prefer
eating naan over chapati’s when we go to restaurants. We have that
yummy combination of naan with either a veg curry or a nonveg curry. But
in restaurants, while naan is kneaded an egg is used to soften the naan
and to give it a smooth texture. So next time when you go to a
restaurant eat chapati if you are a vegetarian.

3) White Sugar

you think of a day without sugar in your daily chai or a yummy dessert
without sugar in it? No right! Unfortunately, sugar is not pure veg,
while bleaching ‘Natural Carbon’ is used in making sugar which is
extracted from animal bones.

4) Heart friendly oil

a lot of people are suffering from heart diseases. Some brands promote
oils which are to balance cholesterol levels in humans. These oils are
heart-friendly and every household would want a healthy family. But some
of these oils contain omega-3 acids and Vitamin D which are again
extracted from sheep. 

5) Salad dressing

always opt for some fancy food so that our social media accounts look
creative and attractive. In A Lot of foreign countries, it’s hard to
find pure veg meals. So people opt for salads. Unfortunately, these
salads are dressed and plated using sauces that contain eggs. 

6) Beer 

a weekend like without a glass of beer and a party with friends. After
reading this you might stop drinking beer if you are a pure vegetarian.
After all, beer is served in Icing Glasses to give it a fancy look and
attract people but it is made up of fish bladders. 

7) Potato Chips 

birthday party looked incomplete without potato chips in the birthday
palate in the ’90s. The best combination of the burger is with a handful
of potato chips and ketchup. Potato chips are not pure veg. Shocking
right! The truth is that some potato chips contain chicken fat. And some
serve us pure chips too. 

8) Cake Mix 

days all of us want to bake and we use the instant mixtures to bake at
home. Unfortunately, The cake mixture available in the market is not
pure veg. Some contain pork fat.

9) Cheese

does your burger or sandwich taste without a burger? Not really as you
expect it to taste right. But some cheese carries Rennet, which is
extracted from the animal gut. 

10) Jelly 

favorite jelly desserts are also not pure veg. Kids and adults all of
us like to eat jelly as it recalls our childhood memories. Jelly is made
from gelatine which is again from animals. Later some companies have
started using starch as a replacement for gelatin. 

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