10 Minutes Of This Exercise Burns More Calories Than 30 Minutes Of Jogging

There are many reasons that many people cannot run regularly to
consume some of their extra calories. Those who run are a problem,
suffer from joint pain, have bad knees, injuries or sore feet can
completely replace this with rope exercises and can do it all at home.
Believe that the effect of burning calories will be more effective 3
times shorter. For that mix of exercises, the only equipment you need is
a jump rope and you need some free space in your home! 


Here are just a few of the benefits you will earn if you do these exercises regularly:

–           This will be an exercise for your whole body

–           Strengthens the work of leg muscles on the abdomen, arms, legs, back, and shoulders.

–           It effectively burns calories. When it comes to burning
calories, experience says that 10 minutes of jumping rope equals half an
hour of running.

–           Improves cardiovascular conditions

–           Improves balance, reflexes, and coordination.

Many of you have had the opportunity to do this when you were
little, but before you start with this, be aware that skipping rope is
not an easy thing.

The big advantage of this exercise is that it can be performed
everywhere you want, in the gym, at home, on the beach or even in the

Additional tips:

–          The proper rope is required, which should be with adequate material, length, and handle,

–          Try jumping barefoot or use shoes without padding

–          Keep the head entire time straight, looking ahead,

–           Keep the elbows near the body and bend the knees a bit.

–          When whirling the rope using the wrists, not of the arms.

–           Grip handles with the fingers instead of your palms.

–           Skip without touching the ground with the heels, and use the front of your feet to propel you and to land.

–           Jumping shouldn’t be high, only enough to skip the rope.

–           In the advance, period challenge yourself by trying crossover, single leg hop, and double turn.

Here are the moves you need to perform, 30 seconds for each:

1)         Double Hop

2)         Ali Shuffle

3)         Skip

4)         Walking Knee Tuck

5)         Double Hop

6)         High Knee

7)         Single Hop

8)         High Knee

9)         Walk the Dog

10)       Single-Leg Hop

11)       Lateral Hop

12)       Single-Leg Hop

13)       Lateral Hop

14)       Reversal Lunge with Rotation

15)       Skip

16)       Twist as you jump

17)       Skip

18)       Twist as you jump

19)       Cool Down and Stretches

–           Deep breaths and stretch arms

–           Deep breaths and stretch shoulders

–           Deep breaths and cab stretch

–           Stretch of the hamstrings and calves

Watch the following video for detailed instructions: 

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