10 Minute Exercise Works! Surprising Benefits You Need To Know

This recent research study
shows how working out for 10 minutes with one minute of high intensity,
reaps the same benefits as 45 minutes of jogging! And while I
reluctantly do it, I’m not a fan of running. But a 10-minute continuous
moderate workout proves the same benefit as a nonstop 30-minute workout.

What’s more, the beauty of 10-minute work out sessions is it allows for complete flexibility. 

means you can switch up the kind of workout you do anytime you want
(yoga, jogging, weights, pilates), adjust movements to meet you where
you are, try something new or different when something begins to feel
monotonous, and best of all, do them when it fits into your schedule.

if you’re still feeling a little skeptical like I was, don’t worry,
I’ve done some digging to share all the benefits you’ll reap by
implementing short work out sessions into your life.



The Benefits of a 10 Minute Exercise

no longer a need to become stressed over a long grueling and intense
workout to trim your waistline, improve your health, or burn calories.
Instead, improve all of the following with short burst workouts.

1. Boost Your Mood + Brainpower

A study in Neuropsychologia
shows how a 10-minute moderate-to-vigorous intensity workout provides
an increase in attention and task-specific related activity that stays
with you for a short time afterward. 

Getting moving
is more of a struggle in the mind than the body. Our brains are powerful
in that it can give us a million reasons why we should do it later.
However, once you get moving, the number of endorphins released provide
an increase in energy, motivation, and reduce feelings of depression and

2. Protect Your Joints

tracking nearly 4,000 women in their 70s for three years, researchers
found that those who reported having arthritis pain needed only 75
minutes a week of moderate exercise like brisk walking to reduce the
frequency of symptoms by nearly 30 percent. That’s amazing!

a 10-15 minute walk in your neighborhood, around town, with the kids,
with your pet/s, or a loved one every day will keep some pain away. Yoga
is another form of movement that has been shown to strengthen bones,
joints and improve mobility. 

3. Build Strength

of the prime benefits of short burst workouts is it reduces muscle
fatigue by allowing you to target different muscles of the body each
time. Work on strengthening the core one day, glutes another, and legs
or arms the day after that. 

A study showed
participants who did 10 minutes of lifting three times per week gained
as much strength as those doing a three-set routine of 30 minutes.
Controlled movements still get your heart rate up enough to add
significant improvement to your overall health and muscle strength.

4. Lower Blood Pressure

up your workout into several sessions a day can prove to be more
beneficial to lowering blood pressure than one long one. A study
found 10-minute intervals of training a day was more effective in
preventing future blood pressure spikes and improving cardio-respiratory
function than one 30-minute workout. 

Blood pressure
is lowered through exercise by reducing blood vessel stiffness so blood
can flow more easily. The effects are most noticeable during and
following a workout. 

5. Manage Your Weight

you enjoy running, studies show just 40 minutes of jogging a week is
enough to make a significant difference in your goals of managing
weight. If you prefer HIIT or interval workouts, this study shows how 10 minutes of daily exercise not only assists in losing weight but helps to maintain a healthy BMI.

Here’s a fascinating report
by Men’s Health on the calories expended by chess players during a
tournament. A player is able to burn 560 calories in just two hours
sitting still. For comparison sake, it would take an average person two
hours on a treadmill to break 500. A prime example of brainpower in use.

6. Reduce Stress

have what you may have heard of as the fight-or-flight response. It’s
our emotional trigger to either address or flee (and maybe address
later) from a stressful situation or day-to-day tasks that can induce
overwhelm. Exercise has been proven to reduce the amount of stress held
within our bodies, reduce mental overload, and prevent certain ailments
later on.

Positive changes in the autonomic nervous
system can happen with just 70-75 minutes of exercise a week. Even more
interesting is research found
an increase in cognitive performance and function regardless of age! We
release bottled-up stress and tension during a workout. Releasing those
emotions prior to sitting down to work on a project, clears our heads
to think more clearly and feel more productive. Win-win.

7. Sleep Better at Night

This study
analyzed sleep patterns and behaviors of 3081 adults ranging from the
ages of 18-85 for seven days. Those who performed the minimum required
amount of physical activity for their age group showed a 95% decrease of
feeling sleepy during the day compared to those who did not exercise. 

were also significant improvements found in the reduction of leg
cramping and having an improved amount of concentration when they felt
sleepy. Not only will participating in physical activity help you sleep
better at night, but it will also help you focus and maintain during the


Ideas for getting in a 10 minute exercise each day

no need to stress yourself out with intense long workouts. It’s much
more manageable to do short burst workouts during or throughout the day,
especially if you are busy. Let’s be honest, 10 minutes is much more doable than 30 minutes!

at your weekly schedule and consider where you might be able to squeeze
in those 10 minutes of self-care. Here are just a few ideas that can
get you started:

  • Maybe you can work out before
    the kids are up, or perhaps with the kids (use them as weights and not
    to mention it will be beneficial for them also).
  • After work, before work, on your lunch (quick yoga session in the park).
  • In the kitchen or living room waiting for dinner to cook.
  • While the kids are watching an educational show or movie.
  • You
    don’t know what to do and have 10 minutes, or some time to spare, and
    feel like turning on Netflix. Work out WHILE you’re watching your
    favorite Netflix show!

Take care of your body and your body will take care of you and your mind. 

Just be sure to check with your doctor to make sure there are no factors limiting your ability to workout weekly and improve your overall health.

No gym? No problem – Use apps instead

don’t need a gym membership to begin working out. With today’s
technology, there are hundreds of online streaming services available
that provide a 10 minute exercise, such as YouTube, as well as phone
apps we can use to find and follow.

Here are just a
few apps you can look into that allow you to work out in the comfort of
your own space and home. Keep in mind some of these are free and some do
require a subscription after a free trial. 

Switch it up and Find What Works

If something doesn’t work
one day, try something else the next day. Instead of feeling defeated
that a work out didn’t happen when you wanted it to, give yourself
credit for trying, look at the rest of the day and see if it can still
be worked in. If not, then schedule a 10 minute exercise for the next
day! Creating space for a workout in our daily rhythm takes time just
like when we’re trying to incorporate anything new into our schedule.

case scenario, turn on some of your favorite music and have a 10-minute
dance party in the living by yourself or with your kids! Chances are
you’ll end up getting more of a workout than you realize.

No matter what happens, give yourself grace and figure out what works best for you. You can do this.


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