10 Illnesses That Can Be Cured By Onions

Let this not be said anymore that
onions are simply a tasty food essential that makes everything spicier
and tastier. Onions also help with the human body, fighting against
common illnesses that you might not have to spend thousands of bucks to
get cured of. Onions provide overall optimum stability to the body that
allows it to work efficiently. Not just illnesses, mind you. An onion
can also help you with the general ambiance around you. It can purify
the air and give you some much-needed oxygen.

Here is a list of 10 things that onions do to the best of its abilities.


get rid of coughs, one simply needs to peel open an onion and slice
them. Then add brown sugar on the top and keep them covered for an hour,
then eat it. Consume it twice daily, for the anti-bacterial
characteristic of the onion is going to release sulfur that will kill
the bacteria producing these coughs.

Fighting Hair Loss

are great for preventing hair loss. For that, you need to boil a couple
of slices in water and apply them before you put shampoo. The
antimicrobial properties of the onion will prevent dandruff while the
oxidants will prevent hair loss.

Loosening Congestion In The Chest

a paste out of crushed onions and apply it to your chest. Then cover it
with a towel, and lie down. The antibiotic in the onions would help in
strengthening the immunity and the paste would release the mucus in the

Ear Infection

All you need to do is chop an
onion and put it inside a sock that is made of cotton. Then place it
over your ear and secure it with something until the pain goes away.


can treat cuts by cutting an onion and placing it on the spot. The
onions would enable the wound to heal faster and not cause much pain.
The onion’s antibiotic qualities would also prevent the cut from getting

Sore Throat

All you need to do is gargle
with onion skin and warm water. If it is too bad to taste, add lemon in
it. Will help your throat a lot.


This is quite
an interesting practice, where you squeeze onion juice into a cup. Then
you make another cup of peppermint tea. Now you alternate between two
sips from each cup until you stop puking.

Air Cleansing

an onion will definitely leave a smell afterward, it will also cleanse
the air of viruses and bacteria, if left in a certain place for quite a
long time. And it is quite easy to get rid of that smell.

Treating Burns

could apply freshly cut onions on your skin, which is going to prevent
inflammation of the skin and help in reducing the pain caused by burns.
The sulfur present will prevent the growth of rashes and help in faster
regeneration of the burnt skin.


To reduce
fever, apply onion slices on the top of your feet after massaging
coconut oil on the bottom. This will help you get relief, for the onion
will draw out all the toxins from the body in a single night.

So, why not go for this readily available means which is going to make sure that you are healthy and safe?

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