10 Bad Shower Habits You Need To Break

are universally relaxing! Nothing feels better than slipping into a hot
shower at the end of the day and letting the heat take all the stress
away from you. Besides stress-relieving, baths also keep you clean,
healthy, and fresh! But that’s only if you do it the right way.

the key to having a good showering experience means ditching all the
bad shower habits you have. Continue with the bad showering habits you
have and the results are sure to be catastrophic for you!


If you don’t want that, it’s time you broke the following 10 bad showering habits:

1. Not Scrubbing Your Feet

You might think it’s a weekly task, but it should be done daily. The Institute For Preventative Foot Health says that you should clean and dry your feet every day with mild soap to prevent fungal or bacterial foot infections. Make sure you dry your feet thoroughly post washing.


2. Hanging The Loofah In The Shower

convenient to leave your used loofah hanging in the shower but you
shouldn’t. Dr. Sejal Shah, a dermatologist, explains that loofahs
accumulate dead skin cells after use, which makes the perfect
environment for breeding bacteria. Hence, what you should do is clean your loofah thoroughly and allow it to dry in a germ-free place.


3. Towel Drying Yourself Roughly

towel drying your skin is almost equivalent to rubbing sandpaper on it!
Rubbing the towel on your skin in an aggressive manner can damage it,
especially if you have delicate skin. You can expect it to become dry
and sensitive if you go harsh on it. The best way to dry your skin is to
gently pat it with the help of a fluffy and soft towel.


4. Shampooing Daily

hair stylists will advise you to shampoo every day, but some will warn
against it. So, what do the experts have to say? Andrea L. Hayden, the
owner of The Hair Management Group, advises against shampooing daily as
it can disrupt the scalp’s natural oil production.
Her advice is that those with fine hair should shampoo twice a week
while those with thick, curly hair should do it once every week.


5. Not Moisturizing Right After A Shower

you feel supremely lazy right after a shower? Slumping on the couch in
front of the TV seems preferable to instantly lathering on some
moisturizer. But that’s not something you should do, says Dr. Sejal
Shah, as it can lead to severe dryness. She recommends patting your skin
dry and applying moisturizer on its damp state in order to keep your
skin hydrated.


6. Not Showering After A Workout

You might
think that a post-workout bath is only required to get rid of the smell,
which you can easily dispel with a deodorant. So why take a shower at
all? Well, here’s why. Dr. Holly L. Phillips says that the purpose of a
shower after working out is not to eliminate body odor but the
perspiration that follows. The sweat on your skin can allow bacteria to enter and give rise to breakouts and rashes. So, a shower is a must.


7. Showering Too Long

take a long shower and notice your hands turning old and wrinkly? Well,
as cool as you think that might look, it’s not good for your skin. The
reason why your hands end up looking like that is because long showers
can rob the moisture from your skin. This can also cause dryness and
itchiness. So, what’s the ideal shower time? Dr. Patricia Farris, a
dermatologist, says your showers should be no longer than 5-10 minutes.


8. Applying Conditioner On The Crown Region

women (or people with long hair) do that, but it’s not only
unnecessary, it is actually harmful. If you apply your conditioner over
the crown line, you risk increased oil production and greasiness of your
scalp, which can make your hair feel dirtier sooner. Conditioner is
only meant for the ends of your hair as that part needs a lot of
moisture and care.


9. Not Switching To A Cold Shower After A Hot One

just walk right out of the bathroom after you’re done with a relaxing
hot shower, right? Well, you shouldn’t. According to experts, it’s vital
that you expose yourself to a burst of cold shower before stepping out.
This 30-second long blast of freezing cold water can make you more
tolerant to stress, boost your immunity, act as an anti-depressant, and
also improve your body’s ability to burn fat!


10. Towel Wrapping Your Hair

practice that can do you more harm than good! By towel wrapping your
hair, you’re not drying it gently. Instead, you increase the stress on
it, which can damage your roots and make your hair weaker. The best way
to dry your hair is to pat it dry or gently squeeze out the water with
the help of a towel. This will reduce knots.

So, we learnt a lot
today about how we should shower to ensure optimum skin and hair health.
If you have any of these bad habits, let go of them before it’s too

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